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10 UNBELIEVABLE Natural Disasters

10 UNBELIEVABLE Natural Disasters

Here are 10 devastating recent natural disasters

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10 UNBELIEVABLE Natural Disasters

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  1. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I LIVE IN INDONESIA i hate natural disasters

  2. You missed the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April, 2015 with magnitude of 7.6 Richter-scale .

  3. To me honestly the worst type of disaster is a tsunami

  4. these are all fake my mom and went to San Francisco a earthquake didn't happen.

  5. Dude you forgot to put in hurricane Sandy from 2012

  6. What about Mt St Helens and the 2011 Japanese earthquake?

  7. I was expecting the Pompeii one

    That was very old though :^)

  8. My grandma survived the New Zealand earthquakes

  9. man I feel so bad for the innocent people who got killed

  10. lair china doesnt have water flood they have hurcan

  11. i almost choked when he said over 100 degrees…until i realised it was Fahrenheit

  12. the fuckin legend27 keeps kicking my ass

  13. I know someone who lives in New Zealand and this earthquake was heart breaking

  14. Russia poor?

    If USA actually payed their debts, Russia wouldn't be considered poor y'know

  15. 2016 has been a rough year for everyone!

  16. WTF, what are you rating this on? 300,000 people died in Haiti, why did you put San Francisco towards first

  17. 300,000 ? you are saying it like just 300

  18. WTF New Zealand and Italy are mentioned but not Ecuador with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake this year that killed nearly 700

  19. I am living in Malaysia but luckily I was born in Australia 2004

  20. who is the music by in this vid?

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