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10 Unexpected Things That Will Happen By 2050

The future has a lot in store, and you might be suprised to see what’s to come in the next 50+ years.

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  1. Just saw that human marrying to robot will be legalized by 2050.. just wondering would there be any concept of marriage in 2050 ?

  2. Mention a million times, A $1 CERT BUT A 10¢ brain 🧠 ALL FOR NOTHING.

  3. I don't want to live by then

  4. when you realize you're crush likes a robot 🙁

  5. No no😱not robots 🤖they might take over the world 🌏and in not a good way they might kill us ☠️if they take over.👹 please don’t make robots 🤖

  6. Exciting, but also maybe scary. Kind of defines the future no matter what time period you exist in. It's how anyone may feel when looking at uncertainty. Deep, I know, but one thing that does sound like a cool thing to be able to do is somehow transfer your consciousness to another body, or form generally speaking. If every living person had body made of something that didn't deteriate or need to eat or drink, you'd probably have a solution to imortality without worrying about the threats of overpopulation.

  7. So this is the evolution huh, we shall see

  8. For those who canme cause of the Thumbnail 4:46

  9. unexpected but u say it will happen? like wtf is this,why is it unexpected then,running out of ideas for videos.

  10. I am going to become the next new president in 2050 Donald Trump are going to work for me he going to be my Butler

  11. If we never die then Earth won't be able to house all of these humans when there is over 50 babies born every minuet

  12. How can i believe this video when I'm watching it and my connection is slow asf

  13. I wanna say something about the upload yourself to a robotic brain. What I would want is when I close my eyes to get uploaded would MY eyes open or just a simulation with my memories and a different me wake up, not me.

  14. god can only tell it that…😕

  15. i barely wanted to witness the crap I see now…what makes you think this is going to be any better lol

  16. But will Yandere simulator Be out? probably not

  17. The brain thing and being stuck in some kind of computer abyss doesn't sound very good
    Also, no thanks on the robot sex…but leave it to humans to want to have sex with literally everything.

    The morals got lost somewhere in hell.

  18. half this shit will NEVER happen self driving cars are YEARS AWAY and may never go main stream you have way to many industries involed in the car industry that will lose BILLIONS of dollars … this is FUCKING a fairy tail millions of people are not just going to lay down and let this shit happen GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE an end of cancer and rise of something else no money in the cure but in the treatment with all this being said chances are some of us wont be alive in 2050

  19. Get ready to kill all robots and make sure the creaters face serious time they are playing God and needs to stop protest against robots

  20. jokers ,nothing is knew

  21. I'm not sure robots are gonna have sex with humans

  22. All of this and more…….but only for the rich, they worked so hard for it and their weary bodies need a rest.

  23. If humans treat the AI like animals then the human race will survive otherwise the end of human race certainly possible.

  24. im down with it… future was always a positive outlook. its the present that scares me….

  25. i think our human race will be gone just the boys of that freaking robots

  26. im happy to see the idea of a sex bot

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