10 ways to update your wardrobe for Winter – a chatty styling video & lookbook!
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Pink Dress – http://bit.ly/2T473rz

Look One:

Reiss skirt – http://bit.ly/2SYcMz9
Reiss glitter knit – http://bit.ly/2SQhTBa
Reiss boots – http://bit.ly/2ST6Rv0
Pink coat – http://bit.ly/2T2oubY
Gold bag – http://bit.ly/2CiiLcs
Necklace – http://bit.ly/2Nq3rN2
Long Necklace – http://bit.ly/2QQW4Ru
Bracelet – http://bit.ly/2C0YxFX
Rings – http://bit.ly/2QC1xeD

Look Two:
White coat – http://bit.ly/2QyRtmX
Jumpsuit – http://bit.ly/2STKxBl
Gold bag – http://bit.ly/2CiiLcs
Glitter bag – http://bit.ly/2CiVXcC
Hair clips – http://bit.ly/2CqLXOB

Look Three:
Burgundy skirt – http://bit.ly/2REp7YP
Blouse – http://bit.ly/2RCuIyT
White Coat – http://bit.ly/2QyRtmX

Look Four:
Silk dress – http://bit.ly/2RWUK04
Silver dress – http://bit.ly/2Ckxnry
Gold Heels – http://bit.ly/2SOZ3uj

Look Five:
Rollneck jumper – http://bit.ly/2QfVGQc


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  1. I love your videos. I do not love the broken links thou.
    Many of the links you post redirect to a search on the website and not to the specific product.
    This can easily be solved if you open the product in another tab instead a pop up windon and them copy that link.

    And please do an updated version of the winter dupes or make sure the links of the one you made last year work. 🙂

  2. Love that light pick dress toward the end🥰🥰🥰

  3. Where did you buy your pleated skirt

  4. Never heard of Reiss before watching your videos. And I am now buying item after item and found that we got 2 stores here in Hong Kong!

  5. I really love these clothes! You look fabulous in all of them!

  6. Josie ~ Darling, this has been a most enjoyable viewing. All the pieces were phenomenal investment purchases. I especially adore the winter white full length double-breasted coat by Reiss. It will go with so many different looks in my wardrobe ~ Thank You!
    Fran ~ from the Palm Beaches of Florida

  7. I already have a metallic skirt in gold, a glittery top and a cream pink coat. I love how we have similar fashion taste and style ♡

  8. Looove your hair! Agreed, v Kate Middleton! 💗👸🏼💕

  9. The last jumper looks exactly like the one you had from French connection a year ago. I had it too that’s why I remember

  10. I also discovered REISS thanks to you and now have lots of REISS in my wardrobe but I always wait until sale to buy something

  11. Hello Josie, really really like your style. Been watching your blog for awhile. Wondering if you might do a you tube on short winter coats? Love to know what your advise will.

  12. I have a question about sandals in winter. I get confused about that. I have worn them, but in Massachusetts it is awfully cold and snowy. I am not sure that sandals should be worn at all in winter. What is your opinion about that?

  13. the rocking back and forth makes me a little dizzy….love everything

  14. Beautiful looks, my favorite is the black jumpsuit and white coat.❤

  15. Love the pleated skirt with the two sized pleats but not for fuller figures 🙁

  16. The format is wonderful. I've never heard of Reiss and went to their website to have a look. They don't seem to state product measurements or offer a size guide of any kind which is frustrating when shopping online.

  17. The jumpsuit is so beautiful but the rest it's just too shiny and bright to wear it during the winter. Also I feel like it's too dressy for me. I find it useful for New Years.

  18. Okay, so a winter essential… that's easy: a thin body, coloring that looks awesome in pinks and creams, and YOUR closet! A girl can but dream…

  19. Yes please review / demo the airwrap! 🙂

  20. A giant commercial….no useful content here

  21. I love your style. It's so classy, modest and elegant. It's hard to choose my favorite out of this collection. Everything is stunning.

  22. Congrats on working together with Reiss for this video! I know this is one of your favorite retailers so it must be a dream doing this! 🙂 I just wanted to say that I really hope you still will be showing some more affordable clothing in your videos. I know you've been evolving and buying more quality pieces to have a more 'sustainable' wardrobe which is of course totally fine. But as much as I absolutely LOVE all the pieces from Reiss, they are just too expensive for me. So maybe a video idea (similar to one you've already done) is to do affordable 'dupes' for high end pieces. Love your videos btw, you're a real style inspiration

  23. Oh yeah, I like this idea for video! I also really like your new hair styling!

  24. Im hoping u can make a vid on dif oufits with the white reiss coat

  25. Always appreciate how thorough you are in your explanations with these fashion vids❤️

  26. Your hairstyle is regal, I love it. The idea of wearing glitter and metallics in the winter is so much fun, thank you for the shimmering ideas Josie, I love everything! This new format combining teaching and lookbook is awesome, I would love to see more like these, thank you for this!

  27. Love the hair and love the video! xo

  28. Merry Christmas to yourself & Charlie. Your fabulous & a pleasure to watch ..GO for it all with new ideas 💗love that silver dress & your work your hair looks fabulous 💗Xx

  29. Loving this format Josie and your hair looks gorgeous. Can I just say a big thank you for all the great videos you've produced this year, you content gets better and better. Hope you and Charlie have a wonderful Christmas. X

  30. you wanted some tips…?
    So here we go:
    Do not talk too much at the beginning because…you know we love your content and can not wait to hear somthing of your ideas….But apart from that just stay the same haha
    greetings from germany…mwuaa :33

  31. Love the video idea. Your hair looks lovely- it looks like it has a lot of volume.

  32. What nailpolish do you use at the third outfit??
    Much love from germany

  33. I really love your videos but I find lookbooks so boring. I would not watch a lookbook so I prefer this format. However I must admit that I skipped most of the lookbook clips.

  34. I would love to see a Dyson air wrap review and how you do your curls with it:)

  35. love the sparkly sweater and wool skirts.. Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  36. Josie I'm 63 I love yr work . I'm too old for yr blush cream colour palette but am nevertheless inspired by you.

  37. Josie it's suuuuper! Well done

  38. Josie, you are my favorite fashion model for so many reasons, but especially for being a pioneer/entrepreneur for your independent approach to the modeling industry! I love how you augmented your look book by combining the clothing description with you modeling it. Plus nice camera work, fades, music, and some new modeling moves from you! I love how your your hair looks using that Dyson hairwrap. Excellent curl quality! Also that top you have on is a lovely thistle-tinted pinkish with hint of lavender too. Beautiful! I love all your clothing and accessory selections, thanks for sharing, as always! xo Jeanne-Marie

  39. everything is lovely and your hair looks gorgeous! Happy Christmas Josie

  40. Loved loved loved this video! I love all the looks and I've made a list of what I need to get to update for winter! Now I can look elegant and chic and sophisticated! Such a beautiful young lady please continue to do these videos they are truly lovely!

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