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12 Best Dryers for Curly Hair

Curly hair ain’t nothing to trifle with. The spiral-y way it grows out of your hair looks beautiful, but ultimately, it’s more fragile than straight hair and can get really dry easily. So when you’ve got curls and you’re looking for a blow-dryer, you’ve got to be extra selective. Blow-drying zaps moisture from your hair, which not only leads to frizz, but ups your chances of damage and breakage. And if it’s anything anyone with curls, coils, and anything in between need, it’s moisture. So what’s a naturally curly-headed maven to do? In this case, absolutely nothing — we did all the work for you. We scoured the internet, talked to hairstylists, and checked our own closets for some of the best blow-dryers out there. Because let’s face it: the type and quality of the dryer can be the difference between defined curls and a whole lot of frizz. If frizz ain’t your thing, check out some of the best blow-dryers we know to give your texture with the tenderness it deserves. Read on for 12 of our favorites.


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