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12 Best Moisturizers With SPF of 2019

Say it with us: “I will apply sunscreen every single day, just like mom and Allure taught me.” OK, now here’s how you follow through and actually do it (it’s way easier than you think). These multitasking daily face and body moisturizers slip sun protection into your skin-care routine seamlessly, because there is SPF already in the formula.

Even better, they do it without compromising texture, scent, or effectiveness. They pull double duty: Pumping skin full of moisture (without any chalky, white cast), while protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays. (Just note that as with any other sunscreen, you still need to reapply these throughout the day in order to stay protected.) Below are 12 of our favorite formulas and a few are dermatologist-approved picks.

Now, go forth and practice safe skin care.


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