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12 Things Your Stool Says About Your Health

How to understand if you’re really healthy? Here’s the easiest way to do it: check your stool colors and what learn they mean. As gross as it may sound, the color and shape of your stool can reveal a lot about your health. Any changes you might notice can be a sign of a serious disease.

Stool color 0:29
White 1:08
Green 2:00
Yellow 2:39
Black 3:38
Red 4:17
Stool shape 5:29

– If you see separate solid lumps reminiscent of nuts or goat feces in your toilet bowl, it is likely a sign of severe constipation. This type of stool means your body lacks fiber.
– Sausage-shaped, large, and lumpy stool speaks of constipation.
This type of stool is also caused by a lack of fiber.
– If the cracked sausage-shaped stool is what you usually have, there are no reasons to worry. That’s a normal stool. You’re doing just fine!
– If you stand with those whose feces are soft, sausage-shaped, and smooth – congratulations! Your stool is as perfect as stool can be!
– Soft lumps with clear edges are a sign of light diarrhea.
It could also mean that you are experiencing irritable bowel syndrome.
– If your stool comes in fluffy pieces with ragged edges, it looks like you are having mild diarrhea. Remember how we told you to have more fiber? Well, in this case, it is just the opposite. Maybe there’s too much fiber in your diet. 
– Liquid without solid pieces type of feces is what no one likes to see. It speaks of severe diarrhea.

Do you take problems with your stools seriously? Do you consult doctors when needed? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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