14-year-old says he killed intruder to protect grandma

A teenager in Charlotte, North Carolina who shot and killed an intruder during an attempted home invasion said he had no choice, and that he has no regrets.
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  1. 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣😎😍👊🇺🇸👊🇺🇸

  2. What is absolutely amazing to me is that so many times when one of these home intruder criminals are told by the homeowner, over and over again, that they have a gun, they STILL keep coming, rather than turning and running away! I will never understand what the morons are thinking! Are they wrongly assuming that the homeowner wont really shoot?

  3. Proud of you, boy. Well done, but I know it's a tough thing to live with. Stay strong.

  4. Good boy. Not ! dad do we own a gun?

  5. Regreta?!?
    Dude, you NEED to REGRET having to load your gun. Haven't you heard that unloaded guns are DANGEROUS?!?

  6. Good job son you saved grandma and yourself👍

  7. Something's not right here.

  8. There should be a public award for people who cleanse the earth of human garbage. It could be called the Ultimate Environment Improvement medal.

  9. That’s a good kid right there! 👍🏼

  10. There must have been some good drugs up there because Grandma is slurring just about every word.

  11. Poor kid. He did good though. Making sure his granny was safe. Keep medications hidden so nobody knows you have them.

  12. Anti-gunners would prefer that the young man and his grandmoter died rather than defend themselves.

  13. I had where a fellow who was a building superintendent working on our bathroom brought a young black fellow with him, a new trainee.
    The kid was dressed all gang banger even with his pants dragging around and he had a very arrogant air about him when he was standing in our house.

    I saw him very slowly look about in the kitchen and I could see that he was mentally stopping his gaze to taken to view the things that were of value. He also moved a few steps here a few steps there so you could look into the next room and see our stereo and our television. I stood around talking to the actual guy doing the real work while he was doing this kind of ignoring his trainer as it were. A few times I saw him looking at something that was particularly desirable or a little more than average expensive and he would very slightly nod his head while he was looking at it. It was as though he were tallying up values of things in his mind.
    I was ready though. I shifted my conversation with the plumber and said to him, " well well you may have heard about two break-ins that have occurred in this neighborhood in the last week." Wally said yes he had. "well we are ready for that. let's suppose someone gets in this apartment and knocked me down here in the kitchen. No problem-" I reached under a cabinet, and pulled out a huge meat cleaver. the gang Bangerz eyes got really big. " I start dropping things off then. and if someone is chasing either me or the misses through the apartment–" I started walking through"- I've got stuff hidden all over." I pulled knives swords out from places high and low to make it plain that either hand wherever I was I could reach something.
    "So," I said, " anyone gets in here that's not meant to will be laying here when the cops arrive…"
    I kind of smiled and sat down and drink some tea or something.

    five minutes later the young fellow asked if he could be excused went out and sat outside for the rest of Wally's visit.

    you see in Satan's playground normal people are not allowed to have guns but knives and swords are okay.

    For now.

  14. Are you kidding me? "I picked up the gun and loaded it," while the intruder is breaking in through the window. Then, what is the point of having a gun if it is not LOADED and BE READY when you need it. It should be loaded at all time and ready for any situation. This kid and the old lady got lucky that the kid had the presence of mind to take appropriate action quickly.

  15. Walks the school like a boss now😂

  16. Why aren't these videos sent to the idiot politicians who want to take away our guns

  17. He has nothing to regret, he is a hero.

  18. When you choose a contractor you should have them present you with a contract for both parties to sign. You should immediately then present them with a contract stating specific dates and times they and their employees are permitted at your door, and that the contract is not an invitation for any employee to return for any reason. If they leave their tools there it is no excuse to return unannounced. If they forgot to check something it is not an excuse for anyone to return unannounced. They must call you to explain the reason they need to return and you invite a neighbor or family member to be there with you at YOUR convenience, not when they want to show up and never other than normal business hours (7:005:00). All of the contractors employees read and sign this contract before being allowed to enter the house the first day of the repair or other work. If any employee shows up unannounced, do not let them in and call their supervisor immediately.

  19. Good shot kid! You should be proud of yourself.

  20. That kid better not be getting bullied or told he fucked up. He did EVERYTHING right, anyone who says otherwise just forfeited any right they could've had to hold a conversation when it comes to gun ownership/handling. You're too stupid to convince and are better off experiencing your deluded scenarios first hand before coming back to the table. IF you come back to the table.

  21. Good job, bet it was a stupid illegal wanting more free stuff.

  22. A young kid that supports the Second Amendment, God bless him.

  23. You done the world a favor.

  24. Always sad hearing another kid is fucked up from having to kill due to guns in America. Yet this doesn't happen in Canada because we dont allow that shit

  25. He announced he had a gun more than police even address who they are in situations. Good job kid you exactly what you had too

  26. Don't mess with grandma. He called a warning to the robber, too. Kid is like, "I only gets one grandma. And you gets my bullets."

  27. great job kid .you did the right thing

  28. I'm proud of you, son. You got good aim!

  29. All part of the drug addictions created by the medical mafia

  30. I just love a happy ending. Good shooting kid.

  31. It is sad our "news" media is now the least trusted part of our national life. They did it to themselves.

  32. I'm going to continue to say this….THE LEFT WANTS TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SELF DEFENSE, remember that on election day.

  33. "I shoulda listened to my spidey sense and i didn't" awesome gma

  34. If something happened to my grandmother, I'd kill the person right on the spot.

  35. Good kids…… Loves his grandma

  36. This brave young man is right to have no regrets and to want to just get back on with his life!

    The intruders choice gave him none…

  37. He wanted his prescription of DUMBerol filled, bambambam prescription overdose.

  38. good going for that kid protecting his grandma

  39. Great kid. I would have done that to protect my Grandmother.

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