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15 Amazing Festivals to Experience Around the World

15 Amazing Festivals to Experience Around the World

15 Amazing Festivals to Experience Around the World
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Which are the craziest festivals?
What is the best festival in Europe?
What is the best festival in US?
What is the best festival in Asia?
What are the best music festivals?
What are the best electronic music festivals worldwide?
Which is the most popular festival of India?
Why is Holi festival celebrated?
What are the best festivals or events in the world?
What is the best festival in Europe and why?
What is America’s best festival?
What are the best festive foods?
What are the most amazing festivals on earth?


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  1. Hey Aluxers, what's your favorite festival?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
    Are you ready for tomorrows Sunday Video?

  2. I'm bringing my drums to the underwater music festival in Florida!

  3. I have websummit 2019 ticket for sell

  4. How could you all forget Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 Carnival….which should be #1 on this list!!!!

  5. I wanna experience Rio de Janeiro Festival, it seems so massive and beautiful!

  6. You could have included Kumbh Mela from India. This is the biggest human gathering in the world and is visible from space…!! Nothing is bigger than that in the list. I m a huge Alux fan and watch all the videos… Cheers to the team!!

  7. I can’t name just one you got tomorrowland beer fest Mardi Gras Carnaval Burning man that one with the ice city there’s way too many to just pick one oh and that one that you throw tomatoes at people

  8. It's great that Holi was added in this list. But, 2 of the festivals are missing… Coachella and Ultra Music festival Miami

  9. india celebrates holi and the world asks why when india asks why world looting india then alux posts new video on rich celebrity

  10. Holi is definitely a great festival but Diwali is celebrated with much more enthusiasm. You cannot miss that one out. In fact you guys can actually make a dedicated video on festivals to attend in India. Trust me you won't regret it

  11. 2:32 that's not PINGXI LANTERN FESTIVAL from Taiwan but its Diwali at Golden Temple In Amritsar, Punjab, India. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

  12. I think la 🍅 and Holi are the best one…..

  13. Dumbest festivals…only Indian festivals are great.

  14. Can't believe neither the Eyo festival nor the Calabar festival made your list.

  15. Here is a subject for you Alux: 15 best temporary hotels.

  16. 5:36 When I’m fighting my younger brother

  17. Burning man! And checkout "chithirai festival, Madurai, India" something from my hometown.

  18. where is DIWALI? and no 14 is Golden temple.
    you disappointed me Alux now I am not gonna believe in any of your pointless random videos

  19. You left out the posh ones like Salzburg and Edinburgh and Glyndebourne.

  20. I'd love to attend La Tomatina because it would be fun and out of my comfort zone!

  21. Sad that Diwali couldn't make it to your list. Speaking of Diwali, This year Diwali is on 27th oct, which also happens to be my birthday. So, Happy Diwali 💥🎇🎆to all & Happy Birthday🎂🎂🎂 to me!!

  22. Okay I have to put up another comment on the next one. People who go to Bonnaroo aren't the least bit interested in environmentally sustainable initiatives. If they were they wouldn't travel to Bonnaroo and trash a farm instead they would listen to a concert being streamed over the internet. What they're interested in is while they party it up at a festival scoring some virtue Point by talking about how interested they are in environmentally sustainable initiatives.

  23. That was cute showing a picture of a copy cat Oktoberfest held in Breckenridge Colorado while you're talking about Oktoberfest in Munich.

  24. OMG This video motivates me and gives me reasons why I should keep making the Money! I am going to experience them all!!

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