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15 Strangest Ways People Have Died

Nothing in life is promised except death.
– Kanye West

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15 Strangest Ways People Have Died

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  1. Smh the lady who got injected with soup..
    Smfh i hope that nurse got sued by the family,fired and her license takened away for life, because that is crazy…

  2. I would say kendrick johnsons death should be first but we all know that its pushing more towards conspiracy/ foul play

  3. Dying on your 100th birthday has to be very very unfortunate ☹️🙁😕😔

  4. This should have been titled, 'Stupid People that caused their own Deaths'; bcos that's what the majority was all about – stupidity!! The guy who banged the horse, no sympathy, here. Hope the horse is still alive……!!!

  5. ThEsE pEoPlE dIeD bY dYiNg

  6. 1:23 okay but tell me he didn’t have it coming?😂

  7. Where's the THUMB NAIL?

  8. We don't have nine lives. WTF is wrong with some people?

  9. I wonder was the whale okay?

  10. You made a bad joke about people dying while trying to help a friend in a freak accident involving poop, you don’t respect the dead do you?

  11. Is it bad that I laughed when he said they drowned it poop…

  12. I wanna die like the video game guy

  13. Her cake wasn't the only thing that truck was delivering.

  14. What I think the 2 saddest ones are and the straight up stupid one is
    1. SAD the grandma run over 2.SAD heart attack at a funeral 3.STUPID horse sex

  15. The theme music is soooooo famulier

  16. That first guy was stupid

  17. Injected Soup?? What…was she working through her lunch break have mercy

  18. Story number 2 "accidentally dropped the whale" yea sure it was an accident

  19. R.I.P Carrot juice, and Lawn mowers

    At least u don’t have to cut ur grass anymore or have five A day XD

  20. i learned the 1st one in french he was just testing his invention

  21. When you reach 100 and died from birthday

  22. He deserves death having sex with a horse is beastiality so it’s what he got

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