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15 Things About Running A Restaurant Business

15 Things About Running A Restaurant Business

15 Things About Running A Restaurant Business | Restaurant Business
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How to start a restaurant business?
What do you need to start a restaurant business?
How hard is to start a restaurant business?
How to make your restaurant business successful?
Why do most restaurant businesses fail?
What is a franchise?
Should you start a franchise or go independent?
Do you need a chef for your restaurant business?
How to get food for your restaurant?
How to market your restaurant business?
Can you get rich from a restaurant business?
How expensive is it to start a restaurant business?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, today we are taking a look at how to start a restaurant business! What should we cover next?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
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  2. Check out the solution for restaurants success https://youtu.be/Q8BS0NDgib8

  3. This is crazy. You are short in saying NEVER GET INTO RESTAURANT BUSINESS. Whatever business you engaged in you can be rich. its just a matter of multiplication. First know your market,(Who are you going to feed?). Second find a Chef whose specialties will most likely satisfy your market. So, you are going to feed travelers. The location of your restaurant must be along the highway. Travelers are hungry and in a hurry. So your menu must be dishes that are familiar to them, quick and easy to prepare. Think what the children most likely want to eat too. Your comfort rooms must always be immaculately clean. Does it have flat space for replacing diapers? There are 3 factors you must observe and your staff at all times: DELICIOUS FOOD, CLEAN in and around the restaurant and the most important of all GOOD SERVICE. If you want to have branches, design a fool proof control system from inventory to cash sales. Weak control system encourages pilferage. Weak manager seduces staff to behave improperly and carelessly. So be kind, just but tough. I already have 4 restaurants and 2 more to be opened soon. 1 in January and the other one, by March. So, good luck.

  4. Thank u for making this so hard 😒

  5. This video is somewhat helpful, but I don't appreciate the condescending negative tone of the video. It's like scare, scare, scare and that will ensure that whoever watches this video will be successful in opening a restaurant. No, you just bummed them out, so that no one wants to open a restaurant. Because obviously everyone is in it to get rich and avoid working weekends and holidays.

  6. Thumbs up just for the intro!

  7. If you need working capital for your business, contact me, I can help. Funding is fast too!

  8. Although some of the reasons here are true, the narration and some choices of words and phrases are completely funny…internet amateurish…..(I work in the culinary world) (I have relatives who own restaurant chains)

  9. I've been in the restaurant industry for over 20yrs my favorite concept is Brimstone Steakhouse

  10. Owning a restaurant is horrible.. the amount of taxes you pay left and right are not even worth it anymore.. property, building, asset, inventory, sales, employment texas.. you are literally just working to pay pay pay.. you literally keep about 10% of what you make these days.. there are weeks you have 0 left over..

  11. Have you ever wished to cook ? But talking about reality cooking is not that much easy stuff, you have to stay in kitchen or have to be at that specific place where you can cook properly.
    But now, no, there is no need to be restricted in specific area, here we are presenting you an amazing exciting idea to cook and serve food in restaurant.

  12. Alexa how to run a bakery please!!!!!!!

  13. Can I get some details on running a salon business ?

  14. Nice video- — what is nicest food concept you've experience in. A Resturant? 👉 after ingesting whole food whether its chicken or steak my favorite part is sweet and drinks in the and ahhh made my day if you offer some sweet 🍧 desert for free or some unique 🍹 drink ( made your Resturant professional ) 😍🙌

  15. Can you make a video on which business makes us rich in short period.

  16. Hi Alux.com,
    Appreciate all your efforts in making videos about different industries. Can you make a video on location and mapping industry

  17. Hey Alux! Love the industry Wednesday’s videos. Can you make one on “Gems and jewellery industry”

  18. Hey there, wonderful videos as usual! One small thing, the bannner (number and title) is opaque and so it blocks the part of the video behind it. Either making it transparent / hiding it after a second or so would increase the immersive experience.

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  20. Yes i have seen a unique restaurant with unique system for taking order…

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