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15 Things You Didn’t Know About BLUE ORIGIN

15 Things You Didn’t Know About BLUE ORIGIN | Company Saturday
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15 Things You Didn’t Know About NASA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loG8evVlXWQ

In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is Blue Origin?
Who founded Blue Origin?
Did Blue Origin ever sent rockets to space?
What is the purpose of Blue Origin?
How rich is Jeff Bezos?
Is space travel possible?
Why does Jeff Bezos believe that we should go to the Moon?
Is Blue Origin better than SpaceX?
Is Jeff Bezos friends with Elon Musk?
Is Blue Origin competing with SpaceX?
What is Blue Origin’s best rocket?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, are you ready for space exploration?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
    Here is another billionaire who is building his space empire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21pbaM8nRfs

  2. Satan and his Demons after being banished from Heaven(s) and Bound and exiled to Earth. They have been trying to leave Earth for ages to resume the battle w God for Heaven. First they had to attain bodily form (Nazi scientist), then physical tech( scientist transfer to nasa), then money and power private, then dominance. It Will be Interesting to watch and see how far all this will playout. Most of it's It's written in our 'OWNERS MANUAL" you know. It's Holy and in the last Chapter.

  3. I hope you and Jeff Bozos blue origin and Elon Musk SpaceX to join to investment to me with my Ideas to buit a factory company for me thank you. I hope meeting to guys 👦 meeting to me my it Dac Nguyen huu.

  4. Jeff is a dbag. Elon musk is actually thinking about the future of humanity

  5. that mushroom is not an orbital vehicle. how can you achieve 40 minutes in space on it? this channel is run by cretins.

  6. Well, he looks more like Dr. Evil than Musk does but if I'm going to place my bet on who's rocket gets to the moon first and starts building Moon Base Alpha, it's going to be Musk.
    Space X has already shown that they can orbit and that they can land their primary stages. Once they figure out how to land the center stage of the Heavy this is going to be a done deal. By the end of this year, Dragon 2 will be man rated. It's a pretty short stretch to imagine launching a lunar lander/escape module to orbit the moon and then launch the lunar trans lunar injection module/return module in low earth orbit for a rendezvous as part of a 3 part moon landing mission.

  7. 1. SpaceX is Better
    2 to 15. SpaceX is better

  8. Well I believe vision of Jeff Bezos is a much more practical and better way to colonize and enter space age than that of Elon Musk. Developing industries and mining resources in barren space and preserving the priceless biosphere of our planet is what we must aim at in the first place. Then next we should try terraforming other planets like mars. I love your videos and content Alux guys. Please keep up the great work and keep inspiring all of us.

  9. The problem with Bezos, is that he's a selfish businessman, a moneymaker, not a visionary. He tried to patent reusable rocket technology, so other companies would not use it. He stole many engineers from SpaceX, but wanting to have the best workers is kind of understandable. Jeff is probably the type of man, who does something just to be better than everybody else at it, and that's why, in my opinion, SpaceX's success will be greater than Blue Origins's.

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  11. Leave it up to the private sector to do what Government (NASA) will never be able to do for the public.

  12. Jeff who? If you know what i mean…

  13. From side angle spacex spears as spycex , in this video at around 6 to 7 minutes .. are they into spying..

  14. super video. pls make a video on softbank

  15. I am really fascinated about future and I wanna join it with my contributions to it.I wanna serve the world get some problems out.Biochemistry,Nanotechnology In all fields of physics and Learning about business and people are my main dreams.

  16. Quality of the videos is going the wrong direction, and bc you upload that often you run out of the good video ideas

  17. @Alux.com the title says BULE not Blue

  18. Plzz… Do about plastic surgery

  19. Jeff and Elon have different philosophies regarding space missions. Elon wants to colonize Mars and make it habitable. He's thinking about humanity. Jeff wants to commercialize space travel. He's thinking of making more money. Of course, we'll live outside our planet very soon, and thanks to Bezos. But, to make human a true Interplanetary Species we'll thank Elon for that. ❤️ the video.

  20. In my opinion… blue origin's goal is to send people on space tourism. Which will greatly increase its profits. So blue origin is just a money maker??

  21. I would purchase a ticket to space once I can afford it. I have no intention of being the first, I want to make sure they work the kinks out.

  22. Jeff vision: colonize space
    Elon vision: colonize Mars. Which is better anyway?

  23. Thanks a lot for the last videos. Cheers !

  24. Please make video on space industry

  25. Please make video on space x also.

  26. Prediction: Jeff's plan is to get to mars before elon.

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  28. if the journey lasts 40 minutes, it's suborbital – just go up and then fall down, that's not going into orbit. what's with all the "might" launch space tourism this year from space entrepreneurs? let's see the first company to have put people in Earth orbit, meaning a complete loop around Earth, not say 'we're working on it'

  29. 15 things about naveen jain please

  30. waiting for 15 things about spacex

  31. Of course he has fiction writers working for blue origin. The whole thing is fiction nothing but 🎆 fireworks and propaganda. Wake up folks

  32. Make a video on Dolce and Gabanna please!!!!

  33. Space is fake. The earth is flat. Fake x, Goo origin and NASA are lying to you we are not going anywhere the earth is our home. Take good care of it.

  34. Can u all sub to my channel and view my video pls

  35. I literally love this channel..

  36. Nice. This is the best part of my day

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