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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Howard Hughes

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who is married to Howard Hughes?
How much money has Howard Hughes given to charity?
What was wrong with Howard Hughes?
What did Howard Hughes die of?
What was Howard Hughes net worth when he died?
How was Howard Hughes when he died?
Who dated Howard Hughes?
How did Howard Hughes make all of his money?
How long did Howard Hughes lock himself in a room for?
Who is Howard Hughes?

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  1. Hello Aluxers, which fact did you find most surprising about Howard Hughes?!
    Marvel ~ https://youtu.be/uYdeR_bPvT8
    50s & 60s Sex Symbols ~ https://youtu.be/cgQ68CNf1ns

    gets hit
    sorry papa

  3. LMFAO fake marriages what a beast

  4. Hughes became secretive after developing contracts with the government to build airplane parts for Nellis Air Force Base

  5. I like how this entire video is a copy paste of his Wikipedia page. LOL

  6. i’m actually related to him

  7. Read a book called The Boxes Howard Hughes Secret Last 25 Years Then you will find out that he faked his own death. he died at the age of 93 and was cremated his ashes scattered in Mexico beach.

  8. Tell jimmy I want 10 chocolate chip cookies, MEDIUM CHIPS, none too close to the outside. Got it?

  9. He also took on the mafia in las vegas and won

  10. #1 he was never shown all the blueprints

  11. What happened to all the jars of urine and feces after he died? Are they in a museum? Were they buried with him?

  12. He also created the first strapless bra . for Jane Russel

  13. Howard Hughes didn’t win the Oscar for Two Arabian Nights, the director did. Howard was a producer on the film.

  14. Well done video. He was actually 6'3".

  15. RICE UNIVERSITY? ??? i gave doctor charles rice the cure for hep c.i think Charles is a relative.head of virology at Rockefeller institute. i went into holy visions there.he knows the doctors family. o God.they want gods name on the medical miracle.

  16. the person i saw also looks close to the man at his right.with the white bow tie.its was not are time.

  17. i was with him last night.i went up into a tall hotel.i had to put my face in a camera. there were a few.4 or 8 camera s.inside. he was very tall.im 5.11. he looked 6.4 6.6 tall.mustache about 50.to 60.happy.i felt something bad by the piano.he looked up and said.Thats the bad place".i think his piano was haunted out.i was shaking.unbelievable.

  18. Tissue boxes as shoes and storing jar……..CRAYYYZEEEE

  19. Nothing was surprising at all even the deaths honestly nowadays people have people killed or dealt with in certain ways all the time why is that surprising to people I mean most people say oh he was s spoiled rich kid who just came from money well his family had to work hard to make the money he inherited obviously and with patents obviously his parents had business sense and he had obviously more than one gift and a lot of passion so I don't believe anyone else could quite be howard Hughes or anything like him however I think Elon musk is what we have today which he is awesome

  20. I enjoyed. your video, keep them coming.😎

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