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15 Things You Didn’t Know About King Solomon

15 Things You Didn't Know About King Solomon

15 Things You Didn’t Know About King Solomon | Billionaire Monday
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who was King Solomon?
How rich was King Solomon?
How did King Solomon became rich?
Did King Solomon actually existed?
Is King Solomon real?
When did King Solomon lived?
Was King Solomon holy?
Did King Solomon talked to God?
How powerful was King Solomon?
How wealthy was King Solomon?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, who should we cover next?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
    15 Things You Didn't Know About Mansa Musa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bySo8lauxIU&

  2. Arabs instead of Islam mxm this is foolish women

  3. why did you use Arabs in 2.29? That's Muslim and the religion is Islam 🙂

  4. he was not the last king

  5. Great video
    Thank youuuuuu 🙏🏼

  6. Majority of the stories in this video are absolutely false and I reckon you do extensive research before coming public so you don't get people misinformed

  7. Hits Blunt King solomon had 999 problems. Ten times more problems than Jay Z.

  8. This video is misleading as trying to only promote bible and some inaccuracy mentioned to hide few thing

  9. She’s so dumb that she doesn’t even know the difference between Islam and Arabs!!

  10. The Bible is the greatest book about eating if you can make a video about the Bible that would be great

  11. First off he wasn't white as the picture depicts him.

  12. Awesome video! I have read the whole bible, it is very interesting and very complex. It makes sense that you can spend your whole life study just one book because unlike any other literature you find new things and learn new things every time you read it actually pretty amazing and there are some just practical things that just makes sense to do and you will have a better life.

  13. He wasn't a jew he was from the tribe of Israel

  14. You are truly pitiful ,after ridiculing all those who believe in mythology and faith based wishful thinking , you are coming back with this video full of mythological saga of a criminal personality that was only known for his alleged unlimited wealth and power.
    There is NOT a single document , Historical fact, archaeological finding or scientifically proven fact about the existence of David, Solomon, or that the alleged kingdom of Israel ever existed BUT ONLY in the mythological book of hate ,rage and revenge called "The Bible", and its new editions of the Abrahamic believes.
    There is no reference what so ever in any of the civilizations that co existed or came after his age, how comes he was so influential and his fame was beyond his large kingdom that reached every where.
    If he was a great builder how comes non of his cities, temples, or constructions still exist while for example the Egyptians left their huge buildings more than 2000 years before this alleged fraud came to earth.
    Although the middle east was one of the most dugged and maybe the first place on earth searched by modern archaeologists how comes there is no track of his alleged kingdom what so ever, while all civilizations that came thousand years before him, and after him are still there.
    …(He was helped by angels to build his kingdom)…..indeed Aluxers are such morons to believe your irrefutable facts…..
    How could your alleged God give wisdom and knowledge to a criminal who killed his own brothers to rise to the throne .
    Such a chosen criminal we exactly see today where today's "God chosen criminals" do to Palestinians exterminating them and burning their children alive with white phosphorus
    If the bible is the word of God how comes your alleged God is incapable of bringing wisdom but only through the songs this criminal wrote.
    All objects he used were made in Gold, says who…??? did any of them survive, did any historian or archaeologist ever describe them….where they even mentioned by other people or civilizations other than in your stupid bible.
    Is this a paid advertisement to justify the Israeli attempts to destroy the Palestinian religious sites to build the alleged temple in their place.
    Claiming that wisdom was your subject today is hilariously ridiculous and shows that you adapt your belief according to whom pays you to send his message no matter how stupid and sick his message is.
    I advise you in future to make videos about Zeus, Athena, Apollo, March and other Historical figures who not only left real temples , written texts and wisdom but were true good example for humanity and committed no crimes against humanity unlike your alleged hero who exists only in the sick mind of the Abrahamic believes and the bloody hate book called Bible.

  15. This women’s voice sucks cow butt.

  16. Solomon didn't carry himself to the grave for you to deduce the use of marijuana. It could have been carried by the graveyard workers.

    Wisdom doesn't come from marijuana; he wasn't "high" to claim God gave him wisdom.

    I read the Bible everyday

    Solomon wasn't the last king of Israel. King Hoshea was the last. 2 Kings 16

  17. He was a so called black man [[Son 1:5]] KJV I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.*[[Son 1:6]] KJV* Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

  18. Bible is not be read, it's to be read and studied contionously.

  19. Personally ; and after reading the comments section , " they " can have to King Solomon . I prefer , like a "role model" , his father King David . Although he was a sheep-smelly boy , he was chosen next King of Israel by God directly . He fought and defeated a phellistean giant (that no one within Israel army soldier want to confront him)wIth just a tiny rock . He live " on the run " and survived in the wilderness just for avoiding being killed by jealousy King Saoul . Not only a skilled soldier ,he was a singer , writer and composer too .
    He (King David) wasn't perfect , but he died loyal to God .
    I don't think Alux .com intentionally make this video for disrespect any beliefs .
    So Alux.com , please make a video about King David .

  20. Just reading the Holy Bible to the end of the Old Testament six chapters at a time and the New Testament, one Chapter at a time. It cannot be true that you just have to be " good " and it is that easy. In the Bible it says that pride proceeds all sin. Humility, the antithesis of pride is only found by prayer and fasting. Christ founded a Church to defeat pride and sin and save souls for eternal life in Heaven and avoid eternal perdition in Hell. Which Church did Christ found ? The proper subject of the Bible is Christ, not Solomon.

  21. Yes, the Bible is relevant!

  22. i guess cost of death solomon is aids 700wives 300concubine.

  23. The first point of this video is very misleading and illogical. First of all, Solomon is not found in “so many other religious books”; he is really only found in the Old Testament of the Bible (aka the Torah), which is a text that many religions claim to follow. Muslims, Rastafari, Mormons, and Bahai all claim to be consistent with the Bible, but they are not. Only Christianity is consistent with the Bible, because the Jews reject their messiah and think that the law can save them. Second, even if solomon was somehow present in every religion, that would in no way prove that “all roads lead to god” and that all we need to do is be “good people” (very subjective and vague) to be okay with him. Every religion teaches a very different road to very different gods. There is only one road and one God that it leads to, and Jesus Christ is that road and the one true God. God and our eternity are too important to simply believe this common lie because Alux told you so.

  24. yes i have read bible please make similar videos

  25. Lying satanic message to mislead people from getting into the Kingdom of God.

  26. The Bible is the best! Proverbs is awesome!

  27. Yes, read it few times. I thought, it would make me wiser.

  28. Yes I have read the Bible and I try to read Proverbs a few times a year it has help me so much in life. If you read the amplified version it is easy to understand and you will see why they call it the Greatest book ever written.and I will add the only way to be save is to be Born again threw Jesus Christ.

  29. Proud to be the descendant of King Solomon, and Alexandre The Great. the lost tribe is rising !

  30. I have read the entire Bible and it says "Jesus is the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through him." Being good is not good enough, you need Jesus's forgiveness.

  31. He is not a key figured for me and no it is not just being a good person and do good ovesley she doze not know the Bible

  32. nice video but you have mentioned 95% wrong data, please refer The QURAN for king soloman authentic information.regards

  33. king Solomon was more than likely African in appearance

  34. I actually read the bible myself…..i read the book of Esther & how she saved God's pipo from being slaughtered. The knowledge & teachings you get from the Bible are absolutely priceless. Some of the things we see it happen in our day to day lives.

  35. You would be surprised knowing that not all people who call themselves Christians know God… When you get to this place where u wish to die for Jesus as He did you and wouldn`t care how it happened. THEN YOU WILL KNOW GOD…

    Ow, and one more thing. Solomon is in so many religious books because people came far and wide for his him wisdom.. bringing Him gifts etc, like the queen of Sheba from Ethiopia where the Rastafarian religion comes from (Hale Selassie ). Because people came to see him doesn`t mean God should be worshiped from different forms… If God was for all religions then He wouldn`t have said Israel and Christians after Christ were His chosen people… It is wise to know all the facts and have some IQ while at it

  36. Alux most racist useless channel in youtube

  37. Solomon was not a white person.

  38. I believe when it does happen it wont be Jesus coming….it would be God if anything

  39. Here is one thing thats obvious you dont know, King Solomon wasn't a European!! Fuck this channel!

  40. Clearly no one checked over this essay….talk about inaccurate!

  41. Wonderful knowledge shared… Thank you Alux

  42. People don’t like this dumb bitch for you that’s a lie they are bro you think you got the father just like the lawyers in the country dumb bitch

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