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15 Things You Didn’t Know About LA MER

15 Things You Didn’t Know About LA MER

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is La Mer?
Who founded La Mer?
What is in La Mer?
What are the ingredients in La Mer?
What is the process of making the antiaging Crème de la Mer?
Who owns La Mer?
How much is a jar of La Mer?
Who is the leader of La Mer?
Who is Sandra Main?
How is La Mer made?

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  1. Hello Aluxers, do you think Crème de la Mer is a hoax or is it totally worth the money?!
    Join http://www.Alux.com
    15 Things L'ORÉAL ~ https://youtu.be/jAKthPlfYSQ

  2. 5:44 Nivea is the base for Le Mer. Really, who in their right mind pays for glorified vaseline. I mean, Le Mer. You might as well switch to Korean and Japanese biotechnology, and nano technologically developed skin care products that actually work.

  3. If you want fermented products look up Korean skincare on amazon


  5. I have tested the foundation….a total waste of money!

  6. Its just a placebo effect.

  7. There’s three variations of the moisturizer: gel, soft cream, and original creme (from thinnest to thickest). I find that the thickest one is only good when you have a serum under it and the cream acts as a shield to hold it in. I personally use the gel because it absorbs right into my skin. I have really sensitive skin so anything harsh like La Prarie’s caviar products burn my skin while La Mer calms the irritation from everyday exposure to harsh wind and sun and brings it back to a healthy state so it can heal. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have pre-existing wrinkles or skin conditions that topical products cannot treat and need steroids or lasers to correct. I would call this the “maintenance” cream rather than a “corrective” cream.

  8. This whole thing sounds like malarkey

  9. I love the smell of it it smells really good and fancy I love smear it all my face and neck but I always questioning why is it so expensive. No lotions in the world should cost that much. After listening to this I believe it's a hoax.

  10. Lamer is a waste of money! I can buy cheaper products that work better than this line

  11. I love it , yes it’s worth the money!!!
    I love the eye cream, and sunscreen.

  12. La Prairie Caviar is more luxurious like the Rolex watch. Made in Switzerland 🇨🇭👌🏻 💯%

  13. I love La Mer! Perhaps the writer was a side sleeper and slept Nivea side up? I also believe that what we expect and think matters more than anything we put on our skin. Thoughts and especially good thoughts are powerful. It's why monks who meditating late into life can look so young. I think Cher must have a lot of good thoughts too. ( :

  14. Why is she saying La Mer like that??? Omg it’s so annoying

  15. It's pure unadulterated, Hype! On a scientific level, there are no actives in the cream formulation its purely an occlusive humectant. The fact it's in a screw top pot says it all, pure oxidation of the formula lets not forget the microbial issues.
    I must say that Estee Lauder group are great at marketing. We all know anything that is clinically efficacious would need a medical prescription from a licensed medical provider. I personally was gifted a pot, I used it as a great overnight foot balm.

  16. Waaaaaay overpriced! Most western high-end beauty products are just way too expensive for most people. This is one of the reasons why K-beauty products have been on a rise in recent years. Thanks to K-pop, now other people from other parts of the world have become exposed to Korea's top cosmetic/skincare brands that their K-stars or regular people often use to maintain their glowing skin and youthful looks. After all, cannot deny that LOOKS are one of the most important aspects of K-pop thus why the Korean beauty industry has taken the world by storm. You can get products with similar effects as La Mer or any other western brands but with only a fraction of the price making them more affordable for regular joe's. Notice how these days, a lot of western beauty experts or bloggers often use terms such as "glass skin" or "honey skin" which originally come from K-beauty world, a testament of how Korean influence has spread throughout the whole world and who knows might potentially replace the western beauty industry.

  17. They are also use animals to test on. DISGUSTONG

  18. It is not worth the money at all they should stop manipulating people or the stars like J-Lo and others to make us believe is a product worth buying.

  19. Why is it expensive if is Vaseline plus it is not worth the price I did try it but it darkens my fine.

  20. I've never used the actual Creme De La Mer, but I love the lip balm. I do want to try the creme

  21. Come on!! I used to use this product for several years. And there is no history about this "scientist"! Yeap, fake fake fake.. but a good selling method for stupid humans to believe in magic lol

  22. too expensive and not made for acne prone skin type.

  23. I cringed every time she rolled her R’s.

  24. It's a common fact that the la Mer story was invented by the este lauder company lmao

  25. May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon > Creme de La Mer

  26. I’ve used the whole kit, the facial cleanser, toner, serum, creme and eye cream…… might as well have used Nivea cream, same smell, thick texture and didn’t see ANY difference. Don’t waste your money. Prevage is way better and cheaper too.

  27. Why she pronounces it La Mehhhkkkk

  28. Here is my true opinion. I’m currently using this product. I feel that it is extremely moisturizing! This is a thick cream. Possibly to thick. But, if you warm the cream and pat it into your skin as they say to do. It feels amazing. The smell is very pleasant. I am 6 months pregnant and have had no bad reactions to it. I have personally studied and use binaural music in my life. I know beyond a doubt that sound waves do change the structure of the product. As well, the fermentation process in this product is not like that of yogurt as people say. It would be more like the one used for the corn that surrounds tamales. Yes, it is very beneficial to human health. There are a lot of vitamins, including copper. Which is good for pigmentation of the skin. I very much like this product for many reasons. However, I am not a chemist/scientist. I’m not a fan of the petroleum or mineral oil base. If there were a way to improve that. Then, I would be even more impressed. It’s a wonderful cream. If you can afford it. Buy it! If you can’t, save for it. It’s worth the money!

  29. Only their foundation is worth it

  30. 2:52 rumors about Huber being an "invention" – I believe you meant to say "inventor"

  31. I personally spent think La Mer isn’t worth the money. I asked my mother who used to make cosmetics and she said that there’s nothing really special about the ingredients in La Mer. All the ingredients listed are relatively inexpensive and can easily be found. And “bio fermentation” is not a new process, it’s how yogurt and cheeses are made, it’s just regular fermentation.

  32. The product is full of chemicals and nothing that can really do much for your skin. The branding is fantastic thats it.

  33. Jesus Christ, that woman's voice…

    You can tell which kid she was just by listening to this video.

    You know the one who went overseas for 2 weeks on school holidays and came back with an accent? And no matter how much everyone groaned at her, she never got the message? That's this woman.

  34. La Mer is just fancy Nivea Cream..Both allegedly have 98% the same ingredients..I just saw a video comparing the ingredients…Nivea doesn’t contain the seaweed extract that La Mer contains…$1 Nivea vs $150-$200 La Mer 🤔😩 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻😭👏🏻

  35. NIVEA creme is exactly the same: as good, but 20 times less expensive.

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