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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Malaysia

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Malaysia

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Malaysia | Travel Tuesdays
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Is Malaysia a country?
What’s the capital of Malaysia?
Where is Malaysia?
Where is Jimmy Choo from?
Is Jimmy Choo from Malaysia?
Is Malaysia a good country to travel to?
What can you do in Malaysia?
Who’s the richest person in Malaysia?
Who is Malaysia prime minister?
How much did the Petronas Towers cost?

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  1. Lotsa dubious facts.Someone from @Alux.com research team will get fired I reckon. lol~

  2. Heres an actual fact:

    Malaysian food is f&#^@*$n amazing!

  3. Slowest and most expensive internet in the world? Where on earth did you get that information? You research is lacking. I’ve lived in Malaysia for years and I can say the internet speed is good and fairly priced.

  4. Kindly note the Editing Mistake in this video,
    When Pount No.10 of Twin Towers, Title Shows same as per the Point No.9 about McDonald's….

  5. No. 9 and no. 10 giving the same subtitle
    Re edut the video

  6. Point 10 is the repetition of point 9

  7. T series will overtake pew die pie

  8. Please upload this video again after correcting your outdated facts and bad editing

  9. Singapore is in Malaysia… wow… This close to unsubscribing. Take the video down lmao.

  10. This "Mat Salleh" People are getting their FACTS wrong don't you guys agree ? On top of that we are a multiracial country , and we are ONE , Malay or Chinese or Indian we are all One Nation and We are proud of it .

  11. Malaysia sound like a beautiful queens name

  12. 13 Public Holidays im from South Africa

  13. Quite a few things are wrong in this video. Should strive for more accuracy. Also, Singapore and Malaysia are distinct countries as Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965.

  14. @Alux.com
    before uploading please have a glance on your videos as in this video the contents written on "no.9 and no.10" are the same!! Lol you guys are overrated not just because of this but your facts also!!

  15. Your no.10 speaks about petronas but u still have Mc D text bottom of the screen 🙄

  16. Wow….Alux.com some of your content here is totally misguided and bogus, which makes all your other video content very questionable. I live in Malaysia and I'm sure that we have very decent internet, our airlines are more reliable compared to airlines of most first world countries(seriously, and that's through experience). I'm a frequent movie goer and have never experienced a movie theater with lights on during the show. I admit we have a lot of public holidays but most are for various states in the country throughout the year. So if you're gonna speak shit about the country at least the real shity truth(which is perfectly fine).

  17. The worst Internet is in Cuba, I'm pretty sure about that.

  18. what is this propaganda bullshit

  19. Weed is legal in North Korea now.

  20. Unsubbed. Lots of error. Do your research before posting a video

  21. I was excited when Alux did a video about my country, Malaysia. But it looks like most of the facts are wrong and misleading. And what's more disappointing is that this video is promoting shits about Singapore. Wow good job! Might as well change the video thumbnail and title 👏👏

  22. No comments about the Golden Shower????

  23. I'm not Malaysian, but for someone who is familiar with the country, this video is both vicious and inaccurate in some parts. In 13:57, you have the cheek to tell your audience to do their research first before visiting the country, and yet you failed in your research to present this country objectively and accurately when putting up this video. You get an F- for this project.

  24. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 next please

  25. my country !!! yes indeed, too bad other competitor with high speed internet likes TIME and Maxis home fibre began to expand their network. the expensive wifi is provided by telekom malaysia. since our government disallowed foreign internet service provider.

    the medical tourist is true, even our indonesian neighbour travel to malaysia for medical operation.

    just too bad mh370 and mh17 incident occured in the same year. the followed by air asia 8501. but no one cant deny that air asia is fastest growing low cost airlines in the world.

    point no.13 need a correction, 2018 general election where are the ruling party finally lost to opposition. dont be confused since the opposition leader, Mahathir Mohammad is former 4th prime minister. defeating his former party, barisan nasional. he also the 7th prime minister right now.

  26. I’m actually a fan of ALux but this time totally dissapointed in your “ so called” facts! Misrepresented info . Do your research before posting next time!

  27. Get your facts right alux..

  28. You have an issue with NUMBER 10 ! The wording doesn't match what you are saying or displaying!

  29. Lol Youtube tries to recommend this nonsense channel to me once again. Feck off

  30. Shows that Americans are so self centered that they dont REALLY know and just look down upon other countries. Liked other Alux vids but seriously this one about my country sucks!!! 👎

  31. This is by far the stupidest content from Alux. The facts about Malaysia are questionationable and ill-informed. Makes me question all of the other videos I've watched. Disappointing

  32. Travel Tuesday is my new favorite series thank you!

    I would really like to see a 15 things you didn't know about peugeot video. I recently was in nice France and they were everywhere ranging from work vehicles to luxury.

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