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15 Things You Didn’t Know About MERCEDES-BENZ

15 Things You Didn’t Know About MERCEDES-BENZ
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
• Who owns the Mercedes Benz company?!
• What’s the most expensive Mercedes car?!
• What’s the most expensive car in the world?!
• Who’s the founder of Mercedes Benz?!
• Where does Mercedes get it’s name?!
• How much is a new Mercedes Benz?!
• Who make Mercedes Benz?!
• Who started the Mercedes Benz company?!
• Where did the name Mercedes come from?!
• When did Daimler become Mercedes Benz?!
• When was Mercedes Benz established?!

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  1. Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce

  2. I love my benz i drive so much and it is still a beast

  3. Innit Audi is better than BMW.

  4. I own one so I have to say yes!!! The best or nothing..

  5. Whas that johny sins who got out of that gts 😂

  6. Mercedes Benz is classy timeless vechicle. I own S class AMG 2019

  7. Who else reckons Merc is a heap of shit. Wat a bullocks video

  8. It's called mercedes benz because benz his daughter was called mercedes

  9. The only mercedes im planning on buying is a maybach when im 45 my 8 series and range rover is better than anything your dead company can give me.

  10. I have 2008 CLK350 Convertible and I love it

  11. Mercedes-Benz is the best car brand ever

  12. Rubys in that red Benz sound gross. Money but no taste.

  13. the pope ? in a mercedes ? with bullet proof windows ? theres faith for you.

  14. That red-golf mod is UGLY

  15. Don't buy Mercedes you will be broke

  16. In the ninth perfuming point many more luxury cars of different brands also have that.It's not a big thing

  17. Well I guess I’m hitler 🤘🏽 hehe

  18. I am trying to decide on my next car. A Renault Kangoo or a Mercedes Benz Citan. Both based on the same vehicle by Renault. Should I stick with Renault or consider the Merc version. Any suggestions?

  19. Mercedes-Benz is the best car in the world.

  20. MB puts Range Rover to shame!!!!

  21. I love my Mercs, just wished they made bikes too.

  22. Mercedes was that Girl's Nickname, not real name.
    and she was a Jew.

  23. The 1st time I drove a Mercedes Benz it was a 300e? And I raced a Chevy Corvette? A 4 door 6 clynder side by side down the hyway! I was I n love!

  24. YOu pronounced "Mercedes" incorrectly every time.

  25. Its a shame they dont build them as well anymore…

  26. That car is in musuem i saw it

  27. Who tf are the Aluxers?😂😂😂

  28. u know that mercedes is known of diesel

  29. Of course mercedes-maybach is one of the most luxury cars made ever.

  30. Yeah, yeah, Mercedes are great cars, but how about the face on the broad at 9:53? Jesus.

  31. Mercedes made the very first car

  32. I knew almost everything lol

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