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15 Things You Didn’t Know About PFIZER

15 Things You Didn’t Know About PFIZER
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:

When was Pfizer created?
How did Pfizer started?
What was Pfizer’s first product?
What was Pfizer’s best-selling drug?
How much money did Pfizer lost?
Why did Pfizer got into a legal battle over Viagra?
Who is Pfizer’s CEO?
Why was Pfizer’s merger unsuccessful?

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  1. is pfizer used for abortion?

  2. is pfizer used for abortion?

  3. I like their logo. And used to like their Xanax lmao

  4. Pfizer is fake they have not cured medicine . they Will kill people and they have medicine but Will not give because they dumb and little kids are starter

  5. Winner is Asteria Ida and tikin Tamara.

  6. Can we help churchs ,childrens, poors…

  7. vitamins, xolinomimetics, xolinolitics,cog 1,cog 2,antibiotics,miorelacsants.

  8. Didn't know they couldn't fulfill the need for Epipens. Congrats Pfizer, on a shitty job

  9. Lipitor a drug use to lower blood preasure? The statement make my blood peeasure going up, its help to lower cholestrol, for god sake

  10. Lady who ever you are Lipitor is suppose to lower cholestrol… Oh and by the way it FUCKS your liver up!!!!!

  11. Lipitor is for cholesterol


  13. Lipitor is used for high cholesterol, not high blood pressure.

  14. Its a DISGUSTING company…..it stops tests that can help people get better because they want to sell there shit drugs..They sell depression drugs and the side effect is SUICIDE I KID U NOT………THEY ARE A DISGRACE……….BE CAREFUL THEIR DRUGS ARE BAD…………AND THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN………………GOVERNMENT U ARE PUSSIES…………………SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT USE THEIR DRUGS…….NOT SAFE…..BEWARE🙇🙇🙇

  15. thought it would be an expose of the company….as if….. 7:18 forget about that company selling snake oil to African countries, supposedly for 'free', why they ranked consistently high with the LGBT community ! I guess this cancels out their influence peddling with doctors and the asbestos poisonings ? I smell 'GOProuders at work here.

  16. Lipitor treat hypercholesterolemia

  17. Fact 1 – the business has been going through various historical events – so have most lol

  18. Lipitor is for lowering cholesterol not blood pressure. It inhibits the rate limiting enzyme in cholesterol synthesis, HMG CoA Reductase.

  19. lipitor is not for blood pressure

  20. The agenda of the Shadow State is to get us all sick and keep us that way for easy control and manipulation. Cures only make a one time profit whereas treatments keeps profits flowing for the life of the patient.

  21. Fact check – Lipitor or statin class drugs is primarily used to lower lipid level (cholesterol) and not to control high blood pressure!

  22. Fact Check: Lipitor is a high cholesterol and triglyceride medication

  23. If there is any Pfizer employee watching this comment, I would like you to know that my company provides recruiting and staffing services. Let me know if you need any help 🙂

  24. I love your vids but these days everytime I get notified for a vid, I guess, it's my requested vid to play but it's not ☹
    Alux.com if you're researching on my requested vid then please lemme know

  25. I'm not sure that this will ever be seen but I had a couple of topics I'd be interested in learning about. First, the top 10 most expensive colognes/perfumes. Secondly, I'd really like a video on the old wealth of Newport, RI and how it came to be a hot spot for very wealthy Americans. Also, just wanted to say how much I enjoy the channel and the content you produce, definitely a frequent viewer and hopeful future billionaire right here.

  26. As a community👪👶👧 we should get involve in the development of drugs for general uses.👷
    As a community we should donate money to nullify the cost of expensive drugs and for drugs research because they eventually becomes a necessity.💆💁👮👱👲
    Pharmaceuticals companies are not gods they cannot for see the effect of a products 20 yrs from now.
    As a community we should create a 💰 pool
    Where people and the pharmaceuticals companies can donate money to help treat individuals that are victims of prescription drugs that didn't work will.
    Also the victim should have accessed to the best physicians for free.
    lawsuits are destroying our business .
    🔴we should be investing in people and businesses who are investing in our lives🔵

  27. Pfizer also produce addictive drugs with severe side effects and charge so much money for their medications that people who don't have insurance or even some insurance companies don't even cover the medications for those that have no other choice but to take them, so Pfizer could go to hell

  28. Great vid again!! Just a note: Lipitor is a statin drug, It can treat high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This may reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  29. Lipitor is a statin drug used to lower cholesterol

  30. I like your channel very much.

  31. Very interesting – for no use 🙂
    What is the maximum caliber of manufactured suppository ?

  32. Lipitor is a drug used to reduce blood lipids not necessarily blood pressure.

  33. Alux, could you do a video of tips for teens?, please

  34. Pfizer doing a lot of shady shit around the world

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