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15 Things You Didn’t Know About ŠKODA

15 Things You Didn't Know About ŠKODA

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15 Things About VOLSKWAGEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UQ4SyKuVR4
15 Things About AUDI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSZAJTRX9Tw

In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How did Skoda started?
Who founded Skoda?
Who owns Skoda?
What is Skoda’s net worth?
Which is the most expensive Skoda car?
Are there any electric Skoda cars?
Does Skoda have any concept cars?
What does the Skoda logo mean?
Why isn’t Skoda selling in the US?
What does the Skoda name mean?

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  1. On my third octavia just amazing car's never had any trouble with them looking forward to getting my 4th go skoda.

  2. Bring Shkoda to the U.S. of A. !!! We want it!!

  3. Václav….not Vaklav!

  4. "Too bad" or "Damage" is a perfect name for producer of heavy guns i think…

  5. Got mk 1 fabia 1.4 MPI rubbish bad on fuel problem after problem getting rid I think no more skodas

  6. To be fair there is no difference between Škoda and škoda.

  7. Skoda is the best car company in the world. Many German cars are just looting people with over priced and low fuel efficient car. You have to pay for them only because of their brand names.

  8. Škoda , simply clever <3 🙂

  9. It's škoda pronounced "shkoda" you mentally retarded americunt

  10. I still own my 23 years old Škoda Felicia 1.3 MPi. 🙂 And next car will be Skoda again.

  11. Consistently near the top for customer satisfaction and reliability

  12. Czech inventiveness will overcome even comunists’ destruction. It’s a shame it’s now German owned but the looted country needed money when comunism fell.

  13. Hey do you know that the 90's felicia is a living legend of czech rep.

  14. look, i personally think skodas are probably the most underrated car maker. people in the comments saying they're shit, without ever owning one. I own a 2007 skoda octavia 1.9tdi manual and my wife owns a 2010 skoda octavia 1.6tdi 7 gear DSG automatic. they are both absolutely bulletproof and never let me down. fuel consumption is hilarious, the 2010 consumes about 6 l / 100km (40mpg), while the 2007 consumes 4.5 l/100km (51mpg). very well built and engineered cars. the only slight problem in them is the comfort, theyre not bad, but comfort could be better ( to be expected from VW). Here's my thoughts about Skodas. I hope I helped anyone that is looking to buy a skoda… cheers

  15. Just got my new Skoda Octavia yesterday after a 10-week wait, absolutely delighted beautifully built and the engine is surprisingly powerful.

  16. I drive a 14 year old Octavia it has never let me down, it is by far the most reliable car I have ever brought.

  17. VW didn't want to take Skoda in North American market because they know for sure if Skoda enters the market…..VW wouldn't survive.

  18. FYI: It's pronounced Shkoda, and the capital Š doesn't change the meaning at all. It's both 'Damage' and 'Too bad', regardless of the capital letter.
    Also Václav isn't pronounced as 'Vaklav', but more like 'Vatslav'

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