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15 Things You Didn’t Know About South Africa

15 Things You Didn't Know About South Africa

15 Things You Didn’t Know About South Africa | Travel Tuesdays
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Where is South Africa?
Is South Africa rich?
Where is Nelson Mandela from?
What is the capital of South Africa?
Who’s the richest man in South Africa?
What is the national animal of South Africa?
Where is Desmond Tutu from?
Where is the highest commercial bungee jump?
What’s the most expensive house in South Africa?
What is KreepyKrauly?
Where is the largest themed hotel resort?
Where is the world’s largest diamond from?

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  1. Alex Videos are always great. Insipired us to start our YouTube Channel! Here's to great inspiration. Could use some support

  2. What about mentioning that South Africa has the world’s deepest gold mine? I live about ten minutes drive from it and my husband works there. Mponeng mine. Deepest gold mine in the world. Not many people know that, and it is pretty impressive. And you can be safe in South Africa. Its a racial war that is the cause for all the murders. Mostly black people killing white farmers. Its racial and political. So visiting our beautiful country is quite safe.

  3. Those murders was/is black people killing white farmers!


  5. The mispronounciation in all of this

  6. Christian Barnard was the first docter to do a heart transplant, was our first player

  7. The Nelson Mandela and the way she roasted his name and Xhosa, i was like what a wow🙌


  9. Hey I'M a South African!South Africa is a wonderful place !A lot of South African names and words are hard to pronouns .I think the worst things to happen here was appartheid!I speak english and afrikaans !There are a lot of facts about of SA!

  10. South Africa has three Nobel prize winners

  11. fact 15 is slightly incorrect. There are more than two Nobel Peace Prize winners – F.W. De Clerk won with Mandela

  12. My greatest South Africa 🇿🇦

  13. This is the reason I subscribed today after I watched this channel in 2 years of it's existence

  14. Am so glad you did this video yay. My home

  15. Can't say anything bad bout South Africa cause We are proudly SOUTH AFRICAN.

  16. The springbok is a marsupial? You might want to check that….

  17. These things are neat but South Africa's future is a dim one.

  18. One word to describe best South Africans: RACISTS!

  19. Point number 10. That is not true. It might be the most expensive house listed for sale but Douw Steyns property in Steyn City is worth $24. Other than that. You are welcomed to this beautiful country. We as the people in SA look forward to meeting you all!

  20. I don’t like this video because I knew most of facts

  21. LOVE thr country, hate the crime. That's all.

  22. I am a South African and I left my home country because of the unprecedented crime that only gets worse by the day. The unfortunate truth is being white in SA is very dangerous, and not worth it just because Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's very sad.

  23. Nr. 16: The Largest Contemporary Arts Museum (named: ZEITZ MOCAA) in the world are situated in Cape Town (V&A Waterfront, Silo District)

  24. You should have done South Africa was the only African country that host the fifa World Cup

  25. I'm from Cape Town. We have the most beautiful country in the world. Many tourists can attest to that. Point 16. The only country in the world who had a president with a grade 3 education. And stole from his people.

  26. FACTS:
    1. Most of South Africa's towns are dumpy compared to other more civilized parts of the globe.
    2. If you're a female then take heed, it is not safe to go anyhwere by yourself, not even in the day time. South Africa has some of the highest rates of rape on the planet.
    3. Lock all of your valuables in a safe, theft & burglary are rampant everywhere. (except in Orania, the safest town in South Africa)
    4. Avoid having sexual intercourse or one night stands with new people you meet — HIV/AIDS is rampant in SA.
    5. You'd be wise NOT to invest in any SA business ventures. The SA economy is in a perpetual downfall. South Africa will end up like Zimbabwe.
    6. The final lesson to learn here: Black people are too dysfunctional to run a nation, or a city, or a school board meeting.

  27. Getting so many giggles from this pronunciation 😂 good job on Xhosa though!

  28. Viva alux Viva,,at long last people know that RSA is not a bush

  29. The world largest Dimond was found in Angola not South Africa

  30. I lived in South Africa for two years. I Walked through the streets alone at 2 and 3 AM. Ride the trains home after 11PM. Hung out in the townships all night. And more. I only had one attempt to rob me and one pick-pocket. Only the pick-pocket attempt actually happened. I thwarted the robbery attempt. Living in America is much much more dangerous……

  31. I love my beautiful country!!! East London is my home ❤️🇿🇦

  32. South Africa has a potential of becoming the best country in the whole world.

  33. benglinde ukuzwa if bazo qamb'amanga hini🤔….i'm impressed

  34. 15 things about Philippines please!

  35. I'm from South Africa 🇿🇦

  36. I'm south african and I didn't know a number of these.

  37. Ever heard tour the France?

  38. WOW i never thought Alux would feature my country 🙂 thank you,,,,,,thank you……..Well presented

  39. Africa is not homophobic…..we do not fear it….we hate it!

  40. Thanks for the video proudly South African🇿🇦👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ek gaan nou lekker braai 😃

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