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15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Renewable Energy Industry

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Renewable Energy Industry

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Renewable Energy Industry | Industry Wednesday
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How big is the renewable energy industry?
What is the market cap of the renewable energy industry?
How good is the renewable energy industry?
Is renewable energy worth it?
How to get renewable energy?
What are the best sources of renewable energy?
How far away are we from cities running on renewable energy?
How expensive are solar panels?
How can you get solar panels installed for free?
How much electricity is the renewable energy industry producing?
Which is the biggest company in the renewable energy industry?
Are the any cities running fully on renewable energy?
How polluting is the renewable energy industry?

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  1. Hey Aluxers, how far do you think we are to a fully green powered Earth?
    Make sure to join http://www.alux.com
    Industry Wednesdays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNskp_MQTkA&list=PLP35LyTOQVIvHSgN3hr9s5DYkfGhUyV89&index=1

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    1 week ago

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  3. Definitely we can switch to Green Energy. And we must do it.

  4. Global Renewable Energy Market size is projected to reach approximately $1062.4 billion by the end of 2024 with a CAGR of close to 13.1% from $641.8 billion in 2017 during the forecast timeline 2018-2024.
    Request a sample @ https://www.envisioninteligence.com/industry-report/global-renewable-energy-market/?utm_source=yt-chitti

  5. The downsize to wind turbines is they kill birds and there noisy.
    Try living next to wind turbines. Not good if you want a peaceful night sleep.

  6. I have solar on my workshop roof. This year it has provided 44% of my domestic electricity. It is not grid-tied but if it reduces my use of fossil fuels, it's worth the effort; 524kWh solar generation so far this year. Pay-off is about 10 years, but I paid retail prices for all the components. Have a look at this and see how your country compares: http://gridwatch.co.uk/

  7. They talk like renewables were only wind and solar… there are many others in this group

  8. Yeah a think solar panels will be cheaper , it will be about 20 times cheaper than fossil fuels and if a had the millions and investments a would put global temperatures down to 0 degree

  9. Happy to hear these good news.. it's what I am working on since 35 years … Envirable Energy

  10. Wtf is up with number 8?
    You say that wind turbines are not so green, give zero evidence and then say the land area of Russia would be needed?
    Have you ever considered that Wind turbines can be placed at sea?
    Have you ever considered that wind turbines are just a part of a future energy mix?
    I expect better from you alux.

  11. i gave the 900th like 😉 hope it becomes 1000 soon

  12. I subscribed partly just because of how seductive the presentation was, that voice!

  13. Learn how you can become a renewable energy pioneer at resystechdotcom.

  14. Interesting video and great work. thanks for sharing this video. Visit Here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/mita-burke

  15. We ONLY need to ‘go that extreme’ re how many wind turbines we need, IF we only used Wind Turbines and in a centralised wind farm. But if people put a couple small wind turbines on each house roof, and made use of the network of underground and covered Rivers by installing water turbines below ground to make use of these rivers and even mains water pipes!. Also all countries that have a coastline could and should( and are in a few places) use the wave power to turn a turbine as each wave comes in it fills a chamber compressing the air which turns the turbines. The key is to decentralise energy generation so saving lots of energy transporting the energy via the grid!. https://youtu.be/gcStpg3i5V8

  16. Renewable energy is ALREADY cheapest energy!

  17. We should just use gas ⛽️. If we change to Shira law Saudi Arabia will be nice and give us cheap oil.

  18. Those solar panel will suck out the sun

  19. Renewable energy is NOT CHEAP!!!
    What happens if its cloudy and its not windy???
    Renewables are NOT RELIABLE!!!!

  20. Use the nuclear fusion instead of nuclear fission

  21. i support alternatives but, my god the presentation goofy shiiiit !

  22. its an ambitious plan 10000's of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico !!!

  23. go after the families of billionaire's !!!!

  24. people want to get in it for the money thats fukked those people are fukkked

  25. does donald trump even have a clue

  26. " can we afford to switch " wtf !

  27. @1:55 the background irony is REAL.

  28. I’m optimistic that the world will be able to run on renewable energy because how fast technology’s evolving and because of all the awareness about conservation and the environment

  29. Renewable energy is already cheaper than fossil fuels.

  30. save earth 😍❤💓❤💓💖

  31. Air conditioners and refrigerators do NOT warm the planet. Though there may be a TEMPORARY heat exchange between the inside and outside the net energy sum is still zero. The MOTOR may through heat through electricity use, but the largest ignorance in thermal exchange is the burning of fossil fuels. Don't focus on the CO2. Focus on the added thermal exchange due to ignition of trillions of gallons of gas/oil/coal. All of that heat released into the atmosphere daily. How large a fire is that?

  32. Nice Video,
    Here is 1 Concept which helps to achieve target of 2020,

    Solves Solar Energy Both (LAND/FUNDs) Issue & Benefits All (Govt., Private Firms, Public) at Same Time🤔👇

    Complete Details can be checked at

  33. Hey alux, thanks for another great informative video, I wanted to find out where you got the info for the market value for both energy & and renewables and if you could share the research

  34. Title for point number 8 is wind power isn't so green, but she never talks about how is it not green, just saying there's currently not enough wind and solar power, so dumb

  35. Where's the link to the ",new report" regarding "not so green" wind turbines? (Rubbish!)

  36. for number 8, 'wind turbines not being so green'..you're talking about getting rid of all fossil fuels by only using wind turbines that involves excluding solar and hydro turbines…why? the point of green energy is to use each green energy method to there fullest potential to get rid of fossil fuels.

  37. Industry wednesday has to be my favorite playlist

  38. Alux you didn't mention about India's contribution towards green Energy… Because India has already started mega solar projects

  39. Why does she say Americaaahhhh it so anoying

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