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15 Weirdest Houses In The World

15 Weirdest Houses In The World

Here are some of the weirdest and most unusual houses ever built.

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15 Weirdest Houses In The World

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  1. Imagine the heat inside the steel house.

  2. What's with the blurs at the bottom corners?

  3. 0:43 Facebook approves this house 😀
    since we no longer have privacy online, let's eradicate privacy all together …. with curtains.

  4. Finally! Environmental studies professors are starting to learn where they belong.

  5. Finally! Environmental studies professors are starting to learn where they belong.

  6. I like the clock tower house.

  7. why call the converted water tower château d'eau as if it were its name?
    château d'eau is actually just the french term for water tower …

    and also it's not the only converted water tower …
    (there even was a non-converted water tower for sale at only 1€)

  8. Some of those people are really creative

  9. I love the clock house.

  10. Very nice ! How much was the converted water tower ??

  11. From their Tower they can see it alllll

    Teen Titans !!

  12. People just have to much bleeding money! Some are just weird.

  13. Upside down house is my fav lol…love the Hobbit house too .not too wild about the Flintstone house thougg

  14. I'm sorry but FLINTSTONE House looks nothing like the cartoon!

  15. Top trending:”is never been on trending”

    Me:Change your name to never trending

  16. Anyone else use this vid for minecraft house ideas?

  17. I don't know if I'd want to live in anything the Nazis had been in. It's a cool house, though.

  18. The house in thumbnail looks like the Teen Titans tower

  19. The thumbnail looks the the Minecraft house I used to build on the side of a cliff

  20. I only like the seashell house

  21. A poop house.

    God has left the chat

  22. I’ve seen the Flint House

  23. Where's the house in the thumbnail?

    Why even put it in the thumbnail if you aren't going to include it?

  24. I could never live in a transparent home. 😑

  25. The dumpster house was ridiculous; a sure trip to claustrophobia; the toilet house had me on the floor laughing. HOWEVER – THE FAKE THUMBNAIL CLICK BAIT TRAP MANEUVERS FROM THIS CHANNEL MUST END ~V~

  26. Some cool some stupid. Great work Still Top Trending !

  27. Great vid as always. Noticed that is says "Giant seashell house" for the final, toilet house. Guessing this is a typo 😊

  28. I love it how people simply "decide" de build a 2.7 million dollar home… smh!

  29. Really cool stuff in his channel love it!!!!!!

  30. Who ever love fast food ,hit the like button.


  32. Absolutely Nobody:
    Simon Dale: I want to live in a hobbit hole

  33. These are OG’s of top trending🔥 Be my OG today

  34. We can sell most things, but some of these are for the recycling bin.

  35. So the guy that built the house has no bills to pay?

  36. Sub to me if this was wired NOW

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