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20 FASHION TRENDS FOR 2020 // How To Wear Them Now // Fashion Mumblr

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  1. I love these prediction/upcoming videos!! 💕

  2. That was great! Thanks Josie. I'm with you on the baggy denim jeans. Dreadful. I like the shorts suits trend. I plan to take the below knee culottes I bought in 2019 and chop 12 inches off, hem them, and voila! I think the knee length shorts are the most chic….

  3. Thank you Josie! It's been a whirlwind of fashion here on your channel and so much fun! Hope your success explodes in the coming year!

  4. I’ve been rocking some of these “trends” (aka classics and basics) for years. Black and white are the foundation and majority of my wardrobe. I usually layer my turtlenecks in the colder months (Novel concept, I know! 😉😉). I have plenty of denim… and step back ladies, because I’m not afraid to double it up. 😄😁😆😂 But the unflattering pleats… Why? Why? Why add bulky pleats in a heavy fabric along the tummy to make that area look larger? Shoulder straps are an option on a lot of my handbags, so clearly I’m trendy without trying! 😉😉 I would also think a few pairs of gold hoops could get more wear, should I feel the need to up the trendy factor. And in case I want to go completely wild and off the rails, I might throw on a gold chain. Woo Hoo! 🥳🎉🎊😉 Essentially I’m going to be “trendy” sticking to all the things that are considered classic or basic staples and already an integral part of my wardrobe! The rest of the 2020 trends hold no interest for me.

  5. I LOVE 90’s!!!! The best fashion era!!!

  6. I prefer timeless items over trend pieces as well 🙂 That being said though, I am curious to see what the whimsical trend brings. Seems so elegant and cute!

  7. Ugh, I was really hoping the mini dress would go away!

  8. I will AVOID mini dresses as always Josie!! Never have cared for that trend at all!!!! My personal dislike. It is not becoming at all on any girl or women!!! I am a CHANEL length girl with skirts and dresses🎀 also roll neck shirts are my FAV!! And no head to toe denim. I am like you Josie when it comes to denim!! This is an AMAZING video Josie. I cannot wait for the next fashion trend video. 🎥💟🌹💟👑🎀Josie you keep me straight!!! with my fashion wardrobe💟 I enjoy the newsletter too!! Your loyal fashionable follower💟

  9. Thanks again Josie, for an informative and inspirational video. I'm not a trend follower per se, but I do by some items if I like them. Love your style and how you know what is good on you. Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the very best for 2020. X

  10. I like the polo trend I grew up in the 80s and preppy was totally in and I’ve never tossed it out😊❤️🍾🎉 looking forward to trying some new things this year. I have several classic saddle coach bags from my preppy years .

  11. Whew…… high street has it’s work cut it for itself to make these trends wearable…… combat boots and jlo outfits for the average person? Lol 😂

  12. I was hoping for Flapper dresses – it is the 20's after all!

  13. Well done Josie! A succinct and educational review that will guide us through the malls in the new year with confidence and flair!! Exciting times ahead… Thank you for your guidance!!

  14. Fashion is recycled through the decades so in essence there’s really nothing new. Wear what makes you feel good…offer no excuses. Beauty comes in all styles. 😘

  15. hav u cut your hair shorter and colored it?

  16. Not a fan of the new trends I’m afraid 😟

  17. Josie, I expected you of all people would pronounce Versace the right way 😂
    Love you regardless though xxx

  18. Already on the baggy denim train, I absolutely love it! Also gold hoops – been repping that life for 10 years already 😜😜

  19. Wow I love all of them 😍😍❤️❤️ they're beautiful<33 ❤️

  20. Personal Style Slays Everytime!!! Trends create chaos & waste in what hopefully will become a decade/lifestyle of sustainable choices 😊😘🤗

  21. Hi Josie. I definitely will be participating in some of the trends but I will be avoiding the ones that show off too much skin. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  22. Looking forward to see what H and M will be offering for these trends.

  23. Shame about the 'mini' items bring back in fashion ! Showing my legs is a definite no go for me with my varicose vein legs after pregnancy 🙁 Will be sticking to midi and long then… The 'all over white look' on the other hand is my absolute fav!!👏

  24. Thank you for helping us navigate…I will be shopping my closet first😄

  25. Agree with your other subscribers. Josie and Charlie your styles are so sophisticated and chic. You are so inspiring with your classic style, which you know just how to modernize. I love that you emphasize sustainability as much as possible and I hope that is a trend for 2020 and beyond.

  26. Not at all interested in trends. I stick with the classics. Trends are intended to part you with your money and make stores rich. 🙂 Those shorts suits are horrid!! All your videos are great! Never miss one! Thanks for all the effort you put into them.

  27. No flapper dresses, embellishments and sequins to remember the 1920s? Such a missed opportunity.

  28. You are so good at what you do! You are very smart and I can tell you really "do your homework"!!!

  29. Nothing new here, same old trends.

  30. I am excited for the wanderlust trend! I love a boho look!

  31. Another fabulous video! I like the all white trend….looks so clean and crisp…. Thanks, Josie!

  32. Thank you for this very informative video ❤️

  33. Hi Josie- not big fan of trends … will need all your help I can get!!!🤣🥰

  34. It's time for knee-lenght trend for dresses. They are always either too short or too long

  35. Soooo… I’ll be enjoying 2019 thrift store finds 😂

  36. Doc Martens will never go out of style.. they are a must-have in my opinion!!! Happy New Year from the U.S.!!!!!

  37. We work hard for our money so I'd say stick with the classics; maybe one or two pieces of trend items. I love your style and thank you for giving us a peak into what's to come in 2020. I will keep an eye out for the trench coat.

  38. As an ambassador for River island , topshop , Dorothy Perkins, revolve, far fetch , etc will you be thinking of environment and buying less fast fashion ?

  39. You don't have to have a toned body to wear tank tops/ mini dresses, just sayin!

  40. These all sound like great trends.

  41. God help me. Now is not the time to tell me I've got to get my body out. I've just had a month of eating everything!

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