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2018 BMW 530e Hybrid review

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  1. Excellent review. I really enjoyed your to the point and informative perspective. I am huge fan of this new 530e however I hope it will be reliable.

  2. Checker shirt and that tie? Serious man…

  3. That tie shirt and jeans no go

  4. What do you mean 4k tax credit how does that work

  5. best review ..good job man

  6. Just bought one. Love it. What is the tax credit? I thought hybrid tax credits where no longer available in the US…

  7. He lost me at "entry level" and 5 series…. really dude?

  8. I hope whoever sold him that tie had a good laugh.

  9. I can see (and hope) these greedy automakers like BMW going downhill trying to nickel and dime people, who are paying them over 50k, to add Apple CarPlay and android auto. Tesla is the King because they push the bar and their customers feel that they are getting every bit of their investment’s worth.

  10. Why are you dressed like a car salesman? Good review btw

  11. back seat is utter death

  12. I think hybrids will be the future for most car enthusiasts. Nobody wants silent cars with hefty prices! Affordable hybrids will dominate in the end after the tesla fever cools down.

  13. Hybrids will be the future for most, pure electric just isn't there yet. Volvo already pledged to stop making gas cars by 2020.

  14. TESLA is the new king – its too late BMW

  15. Entry level luxury vehicle? The 3 series is the entry level luxury vehicle.

  16. Can't help thinking with all their complexity that hybrids are the worst of both worlds.

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