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2019 Acura NSX Review: Car technology done right

2019 Acura NSX Review: Car technology done right

Let’s get the sticker shock out of the way. The new NSX will set you back $157,500. But relatively speaking, it’s a deal. It’s cheaper than other cars with similar specs from Porsche, Audi, and McLaren, Maybe only a few grand when compared to the 911 Turbo, but a deal is a deal and the NSX has more power, is quicker and can handle more Gs around corners.

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  1. 3.4L engine? Always thought it is a 3.5L? 😎

  2. Why wasn't there a comparison to the new Tesla Roadster?

  3. They should of just mass produced this for 60K and thus destroyed every other brand , since even the rich wouldn't be a fool and buy anything else

  4. Please tell Engadget to give this guy a raise. Fabulous review! He convinced me that I want to drive this car in my dreams 🙂

  5. That outfit is just bad.

  6. Dr.Frankenstein returns…

  7. I don’t think this car is worth over $100,000.

  8. Nice to see a full blown car review! Keep em coming!

    Also who cares what the guys wearing–you're here for the car, let the man wear whatever he wants

  9. Thank you for uploading in 4K

  10. Please someone tell this guy you don't wear patterned tie with a checked shirt 🙈

  11. Also, it's not steer by wire….

  12. What the fuck is going on with your hair? You know you're not 8, right?

  13. $157,000 ….. Thanks

  14. 157K for Acura? … I doubt people will bite…

  15. This is such a great drive…and truly a daily driver…I sell Audi's and Acura's and have sold the NSX to previous owners of GT's, McLaren's, R8's and 911's…..everyone that has purchased or leased….love love love it….and most lease clients say…"I drive it way more than I thought!!"

  16. That price is abysmal

  17. Definitely a daily driver … had I the means!

  18. Starbucks addicted, amercians and their obbsesion for cups holders.Moron!

  19. background music is so annoying. Sounds like an open door chime the whole video.

  20. super car need super review , this car is super sexy …thats it

  21. It’s engineering is unnecessarily complicated for most potential buyers. I’ll pass and buy a Porsche instead.

  22. Review the offroad porsche next

  23. Worst interior angle but the color must be the launch color

  24. i didnt even know it was half electric, always liked it though, just a nice looking exotic car

  25. I’d take a R8 instead

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