2019 had highest CEO attrition rate on record

FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis reports on the high profile CEOs that left their respective companies in 2019. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Good thing Ed Bassmaster is still at Iwork.

  2. RIP CEOs our hearts and prayers are with you

  3. Love how youtube's new system auto fleets comments they may not like… Especially after dropping truth on these motherfuckers in the comments…. Thanks youtube… Thank you for stripping our rights… It's time for youtube's replacement to start surging up.

  4. Like a slug leaving a slick trail of slime,
    The $wamp follows Trump all of the time.

    Country over Party. Country over Cult.

  5. Abominable administration.


  7. No loss in pay, left with millions

  8. i think the number is over 1,300 now

  9. Weinstein gets off free… meanwhile. MeToo fake allegations replaced by far-left CEO not reported.

  10. CEO's are all taking the money and running out of the country nefore they get indicted or worse.

  11. Bunch of idiots running companies

  12. Compare resignation of CEO's to government grants and then deals with politicians and bureaucrats who approved the money. Example: Pearson publishing CEO given 350 million in tax payer dollars, approved by Obama. Pearson publishing gives Obama 65 million. Pearson publishing CEO resigned.

  13. The Hunters become the hunted

  14. How much were the golden parachutes worth?

  15. Powerful CEO's, members of Congress, Senate, Pentagon retiring….why? Too many coincidences. See a pattern yet? I do. How do you think politicians launder tax dollars? Through the private sector.

  16. Thank God for Trump, who continues to take down the Commie Cartel and their evil ideology!!!…. Trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. Google were heavily involved in sponsoring Hillary Clinton and backing Crowdstrike which was responsible for the fake news story that the DNC server was hacked. They also got a footnote mention in the secret FISA court 99 page report that was declassified in April 2017 and accused the Obama administration of lying to the FISA courts (where have we heard that recently?) and the FBI of attempting to cover the illegal surveillance of US citizens. Apparently Crowdstrike were given secret intelligence tools without proper clearance vetting or training which enabled them amongst other things to make computers look like they had been hacked by foreign entities. It was only because they did such a hash job in trying to make it look like a Russian hack by committing a schoolboy error that necessitated the prohibition of the FBI from looking at the servers and the Mueller investigation accepting this pivotal evidence soley on the basis that Crowdstrike told them that "it was the Russian's what done it" – which they accepted without question. But the real question is: what was on the DNC server that the Imran Awan spyring in Congress was using to send terrabytes of data to Pakistan? You'd have to be pretty dense not to work that one out. Without doubt this was the biggest pay-to-play scheme in American history on a global industrial scale & Google are up to their armpits in it.

  18. MS-13 are CEO's?
    Slain those beasts!

  19. Yes! DRAINING THE SWAMP, as Q said, worldwide. Would be interesting to include CEOs in U.S. and other countries who have "retired", "quit", "taken leave", and "are fired". It is much higher than reported. BTW, does "stepping down" mean "fired" or "forced out"? Why not say that?

  20. 2 1/2 years ago, Q told his followers: "Pay attention to all the CEO's who will be resigning in the coming months. Keep track of them. Important." Whatever you may think about Q — you have to admit that was amazingly prophetic.

  21. Trump's executive order has boards of directors, cutting liabilities.

  22. Coincidence?
    Drain the swamp.



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