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2019 Indiana 250 at the Brickyard | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Full highlights from Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race from Indy.

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2019 Indiana 250 at the Brickyard | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. What did you think of Kyle Busch’s victory?

  2. Honestly everyone saying “NASCAR is dead look at the stands”, we get it. No one comes to Indy. Especially for an xfinity race. Jeez

  3. Did the drivers have to pay at the gate?

  4. Why did I like Kyle Busch winning? Because Allgaier is a huge failure and will keep losing.

  5. The stands were empty. I have been asking why do they not show Drivers introductions? Instead they put on Nascar America were all they do is talk about the race and pick who they think who will win Who cares who they pick Also you to show a lot of Victory Lane. I wish they would go back to watching What is going on before the race and less Report talking

  6. I hope alot of those empty seats are a direct result of Nascar shitting on the 2nd AMENDMENT!!!! Get woke go broke!!!!@

  7. NASCAR worked for years to build their fan base up and they did, i don't know who has been in charge for the past few years but NASCAR has lost its fan base and more.

  8. Stage 1 🙁 Stage 2 😕 Stage 3 😴 thanks NASCAR for taking the fun out racing. Just run it into the ground and go Bankrupt, Like you planned on doing anyway.

  9. that place is empty! nascar needs to return to its roots and forget about all the advertisers and money.

  10. My whole thing is you work hard to get to the cup series so once there why go down ya I get it more seat time blah blah but your a pro worked your way to the top class kinda like minor league playe finally moves to the majors buts it like I still wanna play minor league games.

  11. It's honestly sad seeing these stands so empty. It's like a high school football game crowd. NASCAR can and needs to do better for the sport and for the fans.

  12. I know it's about TV only but the trucks and these guys need to run a schedule independent of the cup cars.  Go back to the short tracks like Hickory, South Boston,  Jennerstown etc and build a following. Then go to some of the cup weekends and bring those people who follow them.  They need to have the Jack Ingrams, Tommy Houstons, Sam Ards of the world again.  Not just a bunch of deep pocket teenagers trying to buy a ride into the cup series

  13. Indy has always been team oriented. JGR brought the better TEAM. It wasn't all on the driver and the winner stated as much in the post-race.

  14. Kyle was driving for his team, and was content with his running position. His driving style leading up to this proves my point.
    Then everyone decided to take out the Gibbs cars and it was left up to him. That "kid", Allgaier has raced Kyle and "Busch" cars(lol) enough to know how to beat him and even admitted he didn't have the right car when he needed it.

    Y'all tell on yourselves, that you haven't seen the race or post-race interviews when you come here and just comment the same ole copy and paste statements.

  15. This was NOT a driver vs. driver scenario. This was JRM vs. JGR.

  16. All these guys complaining about all the empty seats, of course there are. This is not the top tier of NASCAR. Only the diehards care about Xfinity, and there aren't a ton of those anymore. Although I will agree, Kyle needs to pull back a bit and let the younger drivers have a chance.

  17. Do they make any money if no fans show up? 🤔

  18. Pad that ego, Kyle…..pad that ego

  19. Look at all those empty seats. Wonder when they'll start making the NASCAR games more realistic and have empty in the games

  20. Once again another cup regular ruining the xfinity race🙄

  21. he needs to stay out of the Xfinity cars thats for the young kids

  22. Where are the Fans ? What was the annouced attendance?!!!!

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