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2019 Nissan Leaf Plus SL Review: Exactly what you expect

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus SL Review: Exactly what you expect

While Tesla might get all the glory and press, the Nissan Leaf is the best selling EV out there. A recent refresh brought the car up to date, but it needed more. And by more, I mean more range. This is the Nissan Leaf Plus. starting at $36,550 It has more range than the regular leaf of 226 miles versus the 151 of the baseline trim. It’s got the same drivers assist and tech options as the regular Leaf and feels the same behind the wheel. Which is good, but not. Well, fun.

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  1. In 2018 Worldwide Tesla Model 3 outsold Nissan LEAF. All time Worldwide Tesla has outsold Nissan Electric vehicles. In 10-14 months Model 3 will surpass LEAF as the all time best selling electric vehicle model in the world.

  2. This guy looks faded look at his eyes

  3. lithium battery cars are trash, yes even teslas

  4. If you choose this over a Tesla Model 3, you should go check yourself. This really boring 🤮😴

  5. After the release was announced, I went to local Nissan dealership to ask when they expected to get their 1st one so I could check it out. They said that they will not under any circumstances order any leafs for their lot. Nissan will have to force them to take them.

    And this is why legacy dealership/manufacturer arrangement doesn't work any more.

  6. I think I will get the Kona EV. Similar price as the Leaf Plus and Tesla Model 3, but with more range, better usability (for me), and a better warranty.

  7. the tesla model 3 seems to be better now that there is a less expensive version

  8. No active battery cooling on an EV is a massive gamble if you want to keep the car for longer than a couple of years.

  9. "cubic square feet"?? WTF?

  10. No thermal management for the battery means you’ll be needing a new battery in about 2 years.

    “Best selling EV”. For one quarter they eeked out ahead because of a discount they ran at the beginning of the year for existing owners. Let’s see them be consistent.

    Just about every EV has figured this out except for the Nissan Leaf.

  11. "the car drives exactly like I'd expect it to, but I expect more".

    Interesting lol

  12. I'm the first to comment .. 🙂 . You are comparing Nissan Leaf with Tesla.. Really?

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