2019 was a bull market, but will it continue?

The Gartman Letter editor and publisher Dennis Gartman talks about Wall Street’s record year in 2019.

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  1. You ever went to Christopher Columbus to bet your money back???? Adam&Eve we own the Bible!!!!!

  2. 30,000 -33-000 pts in 2020 .. Buying gold is another option ~

  3. I’m not sure I understand why people take this as a valid resource to determine how the American people are doing. The only people benefiting from this are the ones who have shared , stocks, etc. so it’s weird to say that Americans are doing good when millions aren’t even participating in it.

  4. Here we again if you made a problems don't worry blame TRUMP

  5. If you have a successful economy you are paying off debt, not borrowing more. In 2020 the US will borrow US$1.2 Trillion to add to the $23 trillion it already owes.

    Americans are kidding themselves.

  6. I'm so sick of newscasters and alleged pundits always saying "moving forward" and "at the end of the day". The fact they stupidly parrot each other with these nonsensical phrases proves they are nothing more than mere lemmings imitating their over lords dictating their talking points.
    Whenever anyone on T.V. says; "Moving forward'" or "at the end of the day", they immediately lose credibility with me.

  7. no….it will not continue…the reason it won't continue, the market will become to expensive, earning will not catch up to market value, that's when institutional investors will start dumping, selling short, pushing the market down……

  8. Tons of oil on the market bring gs down the price cost savings at the pump means more money to pay debt renovations of homes property more consumer spending witch will increase consumer confidence once the USMCA hits the market the dow the s&p Nasdaq will rise to historic highs never thought possible don't forget about the trade deal with China

  9. It will continue until it stops! Ha ha Ha

  10. Name I get my news from the knee most news network do not trust Fox who owns Fox?

  11. My flying cars are storm proof… they don't get stuck in the deep deep snow and you can float on water for fishing fun.

  12. Fund me and it will keep rising on whole new levels

  13. Be aware Democrats will attempt to crash the market .

  14. Is the Market more fake than Hunter Biden Monopoly Money?

  15. if the DEMS take control, NO!!! It will a sorry day for America if the American people fail to VOTE RED WAVE in November.

  16. Do talking heads ever really know anything…maybe not. I say wait and see…get past the holiday scene and maybe around Jan 15th or so reevaluate the stock market.

  17. glad this guy is not POTUS I don't care for his disernment.. think global change for the better!

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