Home / News / 2020 Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren Claims Trump 'Cozies Up To The White Supremacists' | NBC News

2020 Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren Claims Trump 'Cozies Up To The White Supremacists' | NBC News

2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., doubled down on calling President Trump a white supremacist at a campaign stop in Harlan, Iowa. She claimed the president “cozies up to the white supremacists,” when asked by NBC’s Ali Vitali.
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2020 Candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren Claims Trump ‘Cozies Up To The White Supremacists’ | NBC News


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  1. Isn't Elizabeth Warren White? Why is show not part of this same group?, She is "white", she must be part of the group she is talking about.

  2. We live in the matrix what do you expect

  3. She's the white supremacist, who has more privileges than white women in Canada..?

  4. Elizabeth Warren pretends to be Bernie Sanders light but in reality is Hillary Clinton light.. BernieOrBust2020

  5. Fake News. Our POTUS is a patriot and is fighting for all Americans. Trump/Pence 2020.

  6. She talks about "honest" answer? EW is a liar & a fraud. She'll promise anything to anyone and deliver nothing. Ultimately, she'll defeat herself.

  7. I agree liz°! We are going to bring love and peace back to the White House by making it known that racist rhetoric and supreme racial ideology will not be tolerated

  8. warren total fraud. now wants to rehash the michael brown narrative

  9. She may get a VP selection from Biden or Bernie…but will NEVER be a President of these DisUnited States.

  10. Love the backlash from American deplorables. Vote Trump 2020.

  11. Your Truley a fool Warren. How can you tout yourself as anyone with ethical standards. When you've lied about your unidan heritage and used it to gain in college and your careers. Pathetic if you ask me. Shame on you.

  12. An illegal alien, repeatedly freed into the United States by federal immigration officials, has been convicted of murdering 20-year-old Jared Vargas in San Antonio, Texas, last year.

    A jury convicted 20-year-old Ernesto Esquivel-Garcia, an illegal alien from Mexico, of brutally murdering Vargas in June 2018 and then leaving his body in an apartment complex before setting it on fire.

  13. We Finally have a President with Balls, and a First Lady without them!


  15. anyone who supports trump is racist. simple.

  16. Joe Biden 2020
    My vote might switch to Tom Steyer. Both would be great for President.

  17. Trump 2020!

    Fredo banged two girls at a time. Could that pair be Warren and Booker?

  18. Progressive Socialists? Ever hear of Venezuela?

    1992 – Venezuela became the 3rd richest country in Western Hemisphere

    1997 – Venezuela was 2nd largest purchaser of F-150's from America

    2001 – Venezuela votes for Socialist President/Government due to "Income Inequality"

    2004 – Private healthcare is completely Socialized in Venezuela

    2007 – All higher education in Venezuela becomes "Free"

    2009 – Socialists ban private ownership of guns by citizens

    2012 – Bernie Sanders praises Venezuela's "American Dream"

    2014 – Opposition leaders are imprisoned

    2016 – Food/healthcare shortages become wide spread

    2017 – Constitution and elections are suspended

    2019 – Unarmed citizens massacred by Venezuelan government

    In ONE generation of Socialist ("Progressive?") leadership, Civil War.

  19. Oh god warren is a cancer

  20. As much as I disagree with your politics, as an outsider looking in, your "I have a plan for that" is quite catchy. Your tax increase of "2 pennies" from the elite wealthy is acceptable to the ones that don't realize you really mean an additional 2 percent. Big difference! But we both know that. With that being said…..your recent tweet about Michael Brown being murdered by a white police officer is way over the top. I expect stupidity like that from Sen Harris, didn't put you in that same group. Calling the President a White Supremacist is almost as dumb. Drop the personal hatred y'all ("y'all" is southern for "you guys") have for Trump and stick to the policy plans and differences and you might be the one. Let's face it, this is your ONE and only shot. You're climbing up the polls. Slowly, but up NOT down. Some how some way, take back the "murder" tweet quickly. If not, you'll be sipping sweet tea with Buttigieg, Booker and Hillary wondering where it all went wrong, agreeing it must have been the Russians again. Dumb statement Liz.

  21. Democrats STOP your crap " Children are being separated from their parents" Fake outcry!
    There are 2.7 million minor children who have a parent in jail or prison. In other words, 1-in-28 American children (3.6%) have an incarcerated parent.
    DEMOCRATS try thinking about what you say. Its like you care more about foreigners then American citizens.

  22. I have no respect for Pocahontas. She's a fraud and a race hustler

  23. I feel sorry for her! Her heart is the right place but Trump is to mean for her to deal with in an election. Warren speaks the TRUTH but unfortunately this LYING POTUS will Lie once again to get reelected. Deep down inside I really wish Warren all the best but I do not like her chances against this snake of a man!

  24. Old Elisabeth gona take Whitey and the Police out, wonder how the old Enjun gona do it.

  25. i really like what elizabeth warren is saying

  26. Elizabeth Warren talking about white supremacists while the American flag in the background waving. Lol. Did you guys know Warren wants to eliminate the electoral college? That's un-American.

  27. Now is "The White Supremacists" not "White Supremacists." Lol.

  28. All along with his followers 🤣

  29. Trump is the dumbest and hypocrite president in history 🤣🤣🤣

  30. So, Warren now claiming Mike Brown was murdered & the officer was cleared under Obama admin & now endangering the officer & his family. Your native American and a woman of color. But look like German woman.. Race baiting? Yes there are bad police but there's good too. Charlamaine the God on The Breakfast Club said it best, Rachel Dolezal AKA Elizabeth Warren. Excuse me but I just can't trust this & most of the candidates are highlighting race. My children & husband are black but people deserve facts. Not conspiracy theories at the danger of other people..

  31. Hes not claiming to be an American Indian

  32. The Dayton shooter was a Warren supporter.

  33. This chick got crazier eyes than Ocasio-Cortez.

  34. If you really can't see Elizabeth is Lying…..you have some real problems.

  35. Elizabeth Warren: “He can’t keep stirring this up!”

    President Trump: “Hold my beer.”

  36. "Immigrant families are being kidnapped! Separated! Dragged to concentration camps! Women are told to drink out of toilets! Children are put in cages! They are dying! These people are fascist! These people are Nazis!" Oh, Trump is speaking irresponsibly….

  37. Ps if it matters my family on my mommma s side truly is Native American.


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