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2020 Candidates Asked About Money in Politics

2020 Candidates Asked About Money in Politics

Michael Shure reports for The Young Turks from the California State Democratic Party Convention. Michael asks the 2020 candidates about money in politics. Support this reporting at http://tyt.com/trial

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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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  1. TYT ask the question to Warrent. Oh no she already said, she'll do it. TULSI 2020

  2. I love Bernie & Tulsi.

  3. How come all your videos have such low views, despite 4.3m followers?

  4. 🌺🌺 Tulsi 2020!! 🌺🌺
    No more pointless wars

  5. Jay Inslee really underrated

  6. Hickenlooper is such a scumbug

  7. Bernie and Tulsi are the top 2 !!

  8. If the answer is anything but a resounding YES, I'm not remotely interested whatever they wanna say.

  9. a progressive will never win.sorry libtards your getting creepy kiddie fiddler jo .roll on 2020

  10. cenk eats white babies and tyt support it.sick sick people

  11. I'm disappointed, Swalwell didn't pass the mic to a minority

  12. Waa expecting to hear about yang and democracy dollars… Disappointed

  13. Seemed like lip service from nearly all those candidates.

  14. Can someone please explain why we don't hear Cenk talk about how he is worth 5 million and Ana being worth 2? I thought in our new progressive movement there should be some explaining for accountability! I want to know how much they pay in taxes! How much did Cenk's house cost?!

  15. Tulsi and Inslee (and Bernie and Yang) are right. The people have to say enough is enough and vote these corporation politicians out. Creating public vouchers is a great first step that will help people wake up and pay attention to this matter.

  16. I honestly only clicked because of Tulsi…

  17. Eric Swalwell clearly thought about this issue – you can tell.

  18. I don't need a conversation just the bill you have 14 days to pay simple just like them.

  19. I say lock them in until they get to draft agreement.

  20. Gabi Tulssard has my vote for most bangable.

  21. She said it! 🦀 She called it cancer!

  22. 2:26 No, do it with a constitutional amendment, because then we won't ever have to worry about it being overturned by congress or a supreme court.

  23. Tulsi is great here. There are a few issues that make me favour some other primary candidates but she's definitely among the top democratic candidates for me and I'd be more than happy to support her if she won the primary.

  24. Wow didn't manage to talk to one mainstream candidate. Just a bunch of nobodys . What's the matter Cenk. Couldn't get any of the big wigs in the left to go along with your bullshit.

  25. Nothing short of a full on yes just won't do.

  26. Wasn't that in San Fran ???? How many piles of human shit did they step in, is a pretty valid question !

  27. Wow Tulsi ansewered in a Progressive way and yet Ana says she's not a Progressive and keeps smearing her

  28. Can I just say "THANK YOU BERNIE!!!" he made this conversation relevant and now it has made such a powerful influence on our future politicians

  29. Marrianne Williamson is the best candidate for POTUS!

  30. Most people just do not have the sophistication to even know what" taking the money out of politics" means

  31. Listen to 0:13 to his question about getting money out of politics and when he ask how are you going to go about that? She literally just danced around the question with out giving a straight answer. She said we need to look at a viable path to get there. Wtf

  32. The only way to get money out of politics is TO GET RID OF WALL STREET. We need a NEW WALL STREET which not based on competition and profit, but cooperation and sharing.

  33. Communist, liberal fascists…… TYTs new name!!!!!

  34. Stop talking!
    You cannot win. Just let Bernie or professor warren win.
    You can learn from them

  35. Great on the floor reporting by Michael Shure!

  36. It is funny how these Liberal “progressive” moralistic dogmatists are forever going on about getting corruption, and money out of politics, but don’t mind offering free blackmail money in the form of “Reparations” in order to try and get themselves voted in.

  37. How is getting money out of politics going to remove individual racists, bigots, self-righteous oafs, gropers, sexists, misogynists, blackmailers, ideologues, misandrists, anti-Semites, drunks, blackmailers, embezzlers, religious dogmatists, anti-LGBTQ people, Russophobes, climate change deniers, war mongers, fanatics, and the rest: How?

  38. After everything the left tries, after every effort the left puts forward in the upcoming 2020 election, and after the dust settles and the final votes are calculated… Trump will still win another term as your President. I just wanted you to know that. Cheers!

  39. Seems like a lot of Trump supporters and conservatives have a thing for Tulsi Gabbard. Well, you are in luck boys. What if Bernie selected her as his VP? I think we can all find some middle ground afterall.

  40. Less than .1%/of cenks 4.3 million subs are watching his live rally in des.Moines right now. 4:00 mountain. Nobody cares about your bullshit cenk, except katzenberg.

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