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24 Incredible Acts of Kindness

Here are just some of many incredible acts of kindness that can change someones day.

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24 Incredible Acts of Kindness

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  1. I came hear just to point out that the thumbnail has a woman handing a guy with no hands a water bottle with a cap on it.. hahaha sike nigga

  2. 2:33 That dude is black woah (Im Black, I wasnt trying to be racist)

  3. I hope t o be the same person

  4. Im only 11 but i know th world ca n be a better place and that we can share the love

  5. This is sort of clickbait, the title says twenty-FOUR things but in the video it only does twenty.


  7. Every day i see a homeless man i want to give him all my money and a hug, but i cant cuz im 11

  8. I was in 5th grade and we saw this as a class at the very end I notice sex facts and see a banana getting measured

  9. There will always be good out there, they're just hiding waiting to be found.

  10. Btw the person had no hands and it's basically teasing

  11. Inappropriate X rated advertising at end.

  12. Australian $1 I wish I went to a vending machine and found that $2 I will go to city and give food to homeless when I grow up

  13. At Christmas I make little Christmas hampers for the homeless and hand them out ,I include some food , water soap and a nice Christmas card getting the thank you and looks makes me feel so good about myself and that I’ve done something nice for someone 😌💜

  14. There's just something in my eye i can't admit I teared.

  15. Weird when I do good stuff they always backfire…..wait no it's just it's like this in the Philippines.

  16. I'm evil asshole,now i'm not,because i saw this video.

  17. I love to watch these 'cause they let me know that there's still hope for humanity

  18. I hope I can give all of the kindness I've received back to the world

  19. After I see human awfulness, I look at these videos and feel HOPE

  20. i am 10 and my dad toled me haw to fix brocken teck becuse my brouthe injoys smashing my stuff so wen the pawwer went out on my streat i held up a sign that said "free tex fixing" i did that becuse i nowe every 1 on my streat jest lending a helping hand

  21. once(in Australia)my mum got really bad belly pain me and my siblings were young we didn't know what to do and my dad is blind and have a hand surgery so then just in a minute alot of people came and helped us and there was a women who bought my mum a medicine and cold water in her own money and she was about to miss her bus but she didn't care

    so i still thank them from all my heart

  22. Highly inappropriate pop-ups at the end for sex facts, porn statistics and photos of women's breasts. NOT ok for students!

  23. "Charity is pleasing and praiseworthy in the sight of God and is regarded as a prince among goodly deeds." ~ Writings of Baha'u'llah

  24. I always want to donate homeless people and poor people but my mom always say no 🙁 I wish I can be helpful

  25. My mother always said for every good action god will pay you back 4x as much so when you help people your really helping yourself

  26. l love this just some simple acts of kindness we all can do, leaving a dollar a vending machine that is awesome.

  27. Not hate… It's a tortoise not a turtle😁. Btw love your vids👌

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