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28 Best Lip Glosses 2019 – Top Drugstore and Luxury Lip Glosses

Remember back in 2002 when, at any given moment, you had at least four different tubes of sticky, gloppy, blindingly shiny lip gloss nestled in your Dooney & Bourke bag, right next to your T-Mobile Sidekick? That was a tough era to go outside since you’d inevitably wind up with your hair stuck to your lips. But now’s the time to forget everything you know about the lip gloss of the early aughts because the liquid lacquer has quite literally glowed up a whole lot since then. These modern glosses deliver shine so glossy it’s nearly pornographic, every imaginable finish and level of color pigmentation, plus moisturizing ingredients in a whole new (not to mention decidedly less sticky) way, and we’re 100 percent here for them. That’s not to say we are over some of the original formulas we first fell in love with, like M.A.C.’s legendary Lipglass, which we still believe to be one of the best in the game. Bottom line: We’re coming at you with the crème de la crème — or gloss de la gloss — both old and new, so that the next time you’re in the market for a new lip gloss, you know exactly the one for you.


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