3-2-1: Watch How The World Welcomed 2020 | NBC News

Fireworks mark 2020 New Year celebrations around the world.
From New Zealand to New York City, revelers around the world gathered to see in the New Year with fireworks and dazzling light shows.
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3-2-1: Watch How The World Welcomed 2020 | NBC News


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  1. All I see is majority of the whole world copying North American architecture lmao 😂 😂😂😂

  2. Times Square was ho hum, should've showed another state. All the other cities looked awesome and Paris' show was 🔥🔥🔥

  3. One mans opinion about 2020 no cure for cancer in site Passanger plane still running at same speeds for 60 year no progress automotive transportation still using combustion engine over 100 year no progress cant even make it to the moon after the 1960s progress has slowed down greatly this generation has no new ideas or imagination for a future 2020 is a joke this generation is a joke this generation is lost

  4. Wtf was the song in Australia..?

  5. Last night I was with my cousins and..the cops showed up bc my other cousin shot a bullet in the air….and then 2 mins later I said “hey the last time I took a bath,brushed my teeth,and ate..was *last year*” LOL it’s so crazy now new music…new cars (maybe) …AND I’LL BE TEN IN A MONTH YASSS….school ew

  6. This is the year of the RAT!!!

  7. Earth revolves around sun once

    Everyone on Earth:

  8. Great editing, NBC technicians! The rest of the world puts on some show for the start of the New Year, unlike the crappy, prison-state Times Square event, complete with a staged kiss and a Volkswagen ad where the ball drops. The contempt New York City's corrupt politicians have for people going to Times Square, treating all visitors like potential terrorists. Yet no one has yet explained why the first responders after 9/11 around Ground Zero all are dying showing the same symptoms as U.S. soldiers in Iraq exposed to radioactive dust from depleted uranium ordnance used in that illegal war. The Times Square NYE celebration sucks, just like the creepy politicians, fat cops and trembling reporters who protected Jeffrey Epstein while he massively human trafficked in young girls on Manhattan's UES (Upper East Side) 2 miles away in years past.

  9. Hong Kong looked awesome, like the city of the future. I think light shows like that are going to start to replace firework shows.

  10. Who’s here in 2019…anyone?

  11. I just came to see the video description display Jan 1, 2020

  12. sorry. gotta spill it. whos here in 2020

  13. This is the part where no one says “who’s here in 2019”

  14. Happy New Year!
    I know you probably won’t see this but i just want to write a message to those who took the time to read this!🎉🎊🎉🎊

  15. Why do media outlets keep acknowledging how NK rang in the NY? The way the gov treats it's ppl is disgusting and we should not acknowledge their celebration, imo.

  16. What is the music that they put in New York in the background

  17. 3:15 You also know that New York is unique because they asked a company to sponsor the countdown

  18. 2:00 You know Paris is weird when it comes to the countdown numbers

  19. 2019 is GONE

    🦀 🦀 🦀 🦀

  20. Cheers to a new year and decade


  22. Happy new year to everyone around the world

  23. The New York one was a bit weird, with old people kissing and old music…for the year 2020! London has the best fireworks. And Dubai of course.

  24. 🎆HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD🎆 In this decade may everyone find their truth, their voice, individually and collectively. People of great spirit, soul and ❤ must speak out for acceptance, equality and the environmental issues that are destroying the planet.🌠

  25. Happy TRUMP new year everyone!!!!👍

  26. The New Decade Has Begun
    La Nueva Decada Ha Comenzado
    A Nova Decada Começou

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