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5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #20

New video where you get to see all the top and most amazing inventions,new technology, and things you didn’t know existed in 2016. These amazing inventions shown in the video are available today.

Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 5 amazing inventions you must see. Let us know in the comments which of the amazing inventions like most and found useful.

Links to all the amazing Inventions Shown in this Video
HELIX http://www.ashleychloe.com/
LYFE https://flyte.se/
Tracy https://igg.me/at/TracyTrackers/x
Breathe http://breatheair.co/
Mini Plaster http://www.miniorenji.com/#!mini-plaster-hand/nl758
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  1. Angela Pan did not blink once in the entire video!!!! 😃 😂

  2. BREATH Is nothing more than a negative ion generator. I made one from a disposable camera transformer , 30 years ago. Ha!

  3. number 4 is nice idea for kitchen

  4. Look, im tired of : need to see, must see, need to see, must see… Can you write a more cooler title? Because must see and need to see isnt attractive any more, it is too much. The invetions are cool though…

  5. The second invention os very unrealistic

  6. 243rd , HAHA take that losers

  7. Anycuckse lol Nice name. (Just kidding)

  8. I was so early but then I decided to watch a 2 different video

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