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5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #31

5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #31

All the top and most amazing inventions 2016. these amazing inventions in the video are all available today and will blow your mind!

In this video we count down our picks for the top 5 amazing inventions you must see. Let us know in the comments which of the amazing inventions have blown your mind or the one you like most and found useful.

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TuneBox2 http://www.molu-tunebox2.com/
Wristocat http://www.wristocat.com/
Yecup http://yecup.org/
Flex http://flx.bike/
Faveo http://www.faveomoves.com/
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  1. nexum, what about chrome audio which is cheap as chips

  2. Faveo, number 1, is like Uber but with moving pretty much right?

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