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5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #4

5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #4

5 Amazing Inventions You MUST See #4

Atom https://rotorxracing.com/
MAD Glass http://madglass.com/
GRIPBELL http://www.gripbell.com/
Antbo http://www.dfrobot.com/
CINEMOOD http://cinemood.com/

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  1. Gripbell
    like really!? Is this really someyhing awesome? Nah, normal weights are more interesting like Gripbell

  2. I love the cinemood wow that's amazing

  3. All of those are junk. The drone isn't a bad idea, however the commercial said nothing about battery life, availability of replacement parts, and made the claim that their is no interface latency, which is total bs. There can be a virtually imperceptible latency, but no latency is literally impossible.
    I've never liked the Google glasses idea. Its just another thing to get lost, broken, stolen, and is impractical for people that don't already use some kind of eyewear.
    Both the projector and robot just seem like quick profit gimmicks, because they are the type devices that people quickly get board with due to having very little to offer in sustaining ones attention.

  4. I would love to watch drone racing. This needs to become a new sport. The Gripbell and the google glass knock offs are stupid

  5. felt like the grip belt was an ad for shark tank

  6. It's a malfunctioning Portal Turret!

  7. Seen it all before. 1: Just another VR drone, 2: Google Glass, 3:Just another exercise thing, 4: Just another toy robot/learning tool, and 5: A projector… Seriously?

  8. The Drone: Best way to explore!…and race!
    2. Mad Glass: Translation?! Cool! Gaming..ok..
    3. Grip bell..umm..ok good for exercise!

  9. they finally made the glasses from neds declassified school survival guide

  10. shitty inventions. Is it possible to have something New ? Not ads of a bad product

  11. Ok peeps, it's time to play Spot the Bullshit!
    This time we had some tough competition but in the end there can only be one. Ladies and gentlemen your winner is…
    The Gripbell! Congratulations on being a total sham!

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