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5 Futuristic Technology Inventions Available Now ►5

New technology, futuristic inventions, amazing cool gadgets, and things you didn’t know existed in 2015 / 2016, featuring ArcaBoard, the first real hoverboard

5 Futuristic Technology Inventions Available Now ►5

#5 http://www.immersit.com/#intro-shift
#4 http://motionmetrics.co
#3 http://www.arcaspace.com/en/arcaboard.htm
#2 http://www.jjrobots.com/
#1 http://www.nurugo.com/

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Top New Futuristic Inventions and technology in 2016

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  1. MAKE SOMETHING THAT ISN"T A FREAKING SMART PHONE AP ALREADY…. Destroys Smart Phone Where is your shit now? Where is your Smart God Now?

  2. The first one is just so ridiculous. How long would anyone's sofa last if you were to shake it around like that?

  3. now that's a hoverboard! not you hipster piece of shit handle less segways that ignite and don't even hover

  4. Only problem with the flying hoverboard it seemed like it was hard to move but I like it

  5. 11:06 lets look at some pot leaves under a microscope shall we?

  6. he looks like he's riding a giant piece of Lego or something.

  7. I never move while playing any game
    Who does that anyway

  8. Hi future HD you make me so jealous on every video I WANT IT AAAALLLLLLL

  9. Wow these are amazing!!! Make more

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