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5 New Technology Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed #8

▶ 5 new technology inventions you didn’t know existed #8 ◀
Inventions in this episode:

#5 http://www.getampy.com/
#4 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rocketbook-wave-cloud-ready-microwavable-notebook#/
#3 https://estar-takee.com/index.php
#2 http://www.kwikset.com/kevo/
#1 http://quitbitlighter.com/

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  1. I was using my frixtion pen (its spellednthat way lol) when I finally finished my work my page was a bit crumbled I ironed it guess what happened

  2. The smart lighter is a nice idea, beginning from the premise that most smokers interested in quitting, start with cutting back. And we do. However if it takes longer than a week to quit, your chances of hurling that smart lighter across the room because it won't let you have another, dramatically increase, and so do your chances of relapse.
    What we really need is not some device that influences our habits, or an inflated cost to discourage it, we need to eliminate the opportunity all together.
    Speaking from the perspective of a smoker actively trying to quit, I can say with confidence that eliminating tobacco sales is a the only way to prevent smoking. None of this half assed legislation and public demonisation.

  3. If I had AMPY, my phone would be dead for years

  4. I'm so happy I'm watching the bid on takee its not holographic just 3d and u have to download the kids before u can watch in 3d

  5. AMPY? what about Sony users with days?

  6. 5 more useless technology inventions you didn't know you don't need.

  7. I just wanna that rocketbook.

  8. nice charger, however, new battery and charging are coming, charging in about one minute time, also (from some technology news as well) or battery life longer, or less power consumption screen of phone, or even transparent solar charging glass had been invented,….all of you are doing great works! I thx

  9. When i see chinese subtitles = scam.

  10. wouldn't strapping the ampy directly onto the wheel of the bike harness more energy??

  11. they just did #4 after #4

  12. in #2 if you couldn't finde your phone or kevi device just go fu°° yourself

  13. oh my gosh! I just got this as a gift and I can't wait. Now I can take notes and they will automatically go to my email. How cool is that?


  15. The guy who is on the phone is terrible at lipped reading

  16. the way that #3 was advertised shouldn't be legal. it showed the "Holograms" moving out of the range of the Phone screen. you cant see the hologram unless you're looking at the screen itself, and the hologram isn't even there. unless the "Hologram" is directly in front of the phone screen (from where you're standing might I add) the way that they advertised it is physically impossible. I will not lie, the idea of that kind of phone is interesting, but if they're gonna do that then they shouldn't limit it to a phone screen. the real product would probably be crap anyway. just get the hololens, that way you're not limited to a tiny phone screen. and tbh, holograms will NEVER be real. we can only make things that look like holograms.

  17. so basically rocketbook is just a book that can withstand being in a microwave… wow worst invention ever

  18. well i smoke blunts so mines would go out lol

  19. THAT is #1????? T_T)p thumbs down. very disappointed.

  20. Smart smoker???? Then just don't smoke

  21. Amby, put that on your cars rim

  22. Rocketbook. I like to draw but I always run out of pages and I want to save my drawings.

  23. Kiss your hand five times then comment this to two other videos then their will be a iPhone under your pillow

  24. Has any one seen the newest ep of bleach

  25. the smartphone-key is a nice ideea, but it will fail for sure. such a small company with no other product cant deliver this to enough ppl to keep production running. if google made one of theese, maybe in 7 years most of the ppl will have it but now its not the time to do something like this

  26. the holographic phone is a scam, it isnt 3d cuz it sends same image to both eyes and you cant project it in midair.

  27. I know that you're trying to get me to quit smoking but building a smart lighter isn't going to get me to do that. In fact, it's only going to make me smoke more.

  28. I don't want a better portable battery pack. I want better battery technology so I only need to charge my phone once a month

  29. 1: Were here to help you stop smoking! builds a lighter for cigs 10/10

  30. I can't tell what's more stupid between the inventions or the people advertising them.

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