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5 New Technology Inventions You Didn’t Know Existed #9

▶ 5 new technology inventions you didn’t know existed #9 ◀
Inventions in this episode:

#5 http://makerarm.com/
#4 http://senic.com/
#3 http://structure.io/
#2 http://andromiumos.com/
#1 http://skully.com/

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  1. "my humans" is it just me or is that a bit creepy ?

  2. For the last one, I thought the video in the corner of the screen was suppose to show what's behind you? Am I wrong? Because at @9:55 nothing in the video is what he just passed. Where'd that bushy tree come from and where is the guard rail? I have to be missing something… Or, the obvious conclusion, just marketing bullshit

  3. NO le quites los retrovisores todavía, no siendo que algún día ligues y solo puedas ver el escote de tu amiga.
    Un saludo.

  4. any links to the first feature? the maker arm 3D printer?

  5. and if your an amputee your shit out of luck with flow

  6. but can the maker arm jerk you off?

  7. #1, can it auto change heads?

  8. #1 – the most up its own arse robot I've ever seen… oh wait that's not the robot speaking.

  9. that helmet is simple but they are onto something

  10. Why do you have more subs then views?!?

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