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5 Shocking Stories Behind Popular Disney Movies

5 Shocking Stories Behind Popular Disney Movies

Some of the real stories behind popular disney movies.

5 Shocking Origins of Popular Fairy Tales: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX1xB50y7EQ
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Hidden Google Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfmEo__FwT0

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5 Shocking Stories Behind Popular Disney Movies

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  1. I grew up with the oringal Snow Queen story, it really is'nt about princesses, or sisterly love or talking snowmen. It's about a girl saving a boy.

  2. This is not true guys and if you think in every single Disney f**king movie kills that was not true

  3. history has it that Pocahontas died of Pneumonia

  4. W͟H͟Y͟ D͟O͟ P͟E͟O͟P͟L͟E͟ M͟A͟K͟E͟ U͟P͟ S͟T͟U͟F͟F͟ T͟O͟ B͟E͟ F͟A͟M͟O͟U͟S͟ O͟R͟ T͟H͟E͟Y͟ J͟U͟S͟T͟ D͟O͟N͟T͟ L͟I͟K͟R͟ K͟I͟D͟S͟!!!!!!S͟H͟O͟W͟S͟?

  5. Calm the fuck down narrator. Geez.

  6. The snow queen didn't stabbed the boy in the eye. It was the shard of an evil troll's mirror that flew into his eye and corrupted him into a jerk in the book.

  7. in fox in the hound in whacht it a lot it they killed the SIG but Todd didn't die or copper

  8. jeez he talks so fast slow down

  9. could you talk a little faster next time?

  10. Did u know that Kai and Gerda are actual characters in Frozen??!!!

  11. the jungle book story was fake he didnt slaughter anyone wth

  12. oh no. . .666 dislikes?!?!

  13. Can you speak slower…

  14. I wanna read fox and the hound now!

  15. third primary servant ysqkfo.

  16. I like all the top trending vids but this time voice was annoying!

  17. why tf are u talking so fast

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