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5 Smartphone Gadgets You Need To Buy #1

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Easy-Macro – http://www.easy-macro.com/
NanoHold – http://www.nanohold.com/
PIECE – http://www.piece4sim.com/
XOO Belt – http://minidrive.bynifty.com/pages/about-us
EZ Stand – http://ezstand.net/

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  1. 1) Easy-Macro Universal lens fits allmost every phone, just like the one on strip, but has much better lens and is regulatable, so that result is focused
    2) NanoHold is fine, but is not dumb proof
    3) PIECE What about Dual SIM phone? You dont have to carry, charge, manage other device.
    4) XOO Belt good idea, bad construction
    5) EZ Stand So… you cannot fit it in your wallet? NanoHold is much better

  2. You are the best!! in stealing youtube video pic's

  3. which site will i get some to buy

  4. the belt would be nice with a aux connection an speaker

  5. Why piece? Because iPhone does not have Dual SIM. Seriously. What, phone in the world, except iPhone doesn't have it.

  6. What if i lost both my phone and the piece

  7. shut up and take my money

  8. I feel like the belt is a hoax

  9. iPhone 7 Plus comes out with two lenses then boom first product won't work.

  10. NanoHold is amazing!! , should be at the back of every phone case
    XOO Belt looks ugly and wired
    PIECE could be replaced by an app
    EZ Stand , you could actually make a stand out of a cardboard and by the angle you cut it you can change its degree

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