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5 Unbelievable Inventions That Will Change The World

5 Unbelievable Inventions That Will Change The World

Everyday, new inventions emerge around us with new and exciting technology, some of these inventions can be unbelievable, and some of these inventions might even change the world as we know it. This is a list of the top 5 inventions that has the potential to change the world.

Inventions list:

Teodoor Smart Lock: Teodoor is a reliable and secure Bluetooth operated smart lock. It fits perfectly on the inside of your door lock in seconds.

Yank Tech MotherBox: TRUE Wireless Charging

Eidos Mask
Eidos is a radical new approach to wearable augmented reality that lets us enhance and control our existing senses in real-time. Eidos currently consists of two prototype technologies: Eidos Vision enhances the way we see motion, while Eidos Audio allows us to hear speech more selectively. Eidos allows us to highlight previously invisible or inaudible details, opening up new and customisable experiences.

DJIN- The Wallet, perfected: Your wallet is with you all day, everyday. It should be the right one.

REFIL V1 – Universal Beverage Bottle Water Filter

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  1. Fighting Foxes Pattern Wall Art Decor Unframed Canvas Paintings

  2. An app to unlock doors – a thief's best friend. That will go over well. LOL

  3. The last one is SOOO FUKING RETARDED.
    After u open PET bootles (which they show in the video) they start to slowly react to air and a chemical reaction over a short time turns them into a VERY VERY dangerous thing to use again for water….. BIG FAIL

  4. number 3 is fucking retarded.

  5. I think youtube should have ads with tech not like the dumb Lords mobile. That way ads will be more "fun"

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