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5th generation iPod Touch Hands On | Engadget

5th generation iPod Touch Hands On | Engadget

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Hands on with Apple’s 5th-generation iPod touch. It’s obvious that the iPhone 5 is the star of today’s show, but Apple’s not letting its iPod line go untouched. The newest iPod touch takes a note from the newfangled display on its cellular sibling, bringing a vaster panel (the same 4-inch, 1,136 x 640 one found on the new iPhone).

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  1. I'm getting mine this friday!! can't wait…

  2. iphone 5 giveaway on my channel about to pick the winner

  3. I'm going to get one!!!! ^~^

  4. Your comment just reminded me of the movie smart house!

  5. My dads best friend has one and he woke up early one morning and asked what time it is and siri replied "its too early, go back to bed"

  6. yes… I decided for the iPad

  7. Alright so their is this app in the app store and the android market called Juno wallet. And how it works is that if you download one of its featured apps it will give you either $.16 or $.22. Once you have $10.00 you can get a gift card for iTunes or eBay or some other things. When you download this app it will ask you for an invite code. Mine is BX66540. When you enter my code ( or anyone else's) it will give you $.25 and I will get $.50. It's a great app so download it and use my code! 😀

  8. Blue one for Christmas!(:

  9. help occupy my ipod is locked and says it is disabled and I can no longer use it ago and try as iTunes says when disabled

  10. silver matches macs/macbooks and easier to resell, blue if you like bue. I opted for the silver one to match my macbooks, but or else would have opted for blue or black.

  11. For anyone debating between silver n black get silver, black is just a fingerprint magnet

  12. how many apps do you have? 10? and musics? 1000? Lol, i have a 32GB ipod and just have 1,5 gb free, 16,6 GBs of apps (81), 1000 musics (5,8gb), 4,4 GBs of video and photos (2 movies)

  13. No! i had a ipod touch 2g with 8 gb, and i still had 2 gb free, with my music and apps

  14. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to get the yellow product red or silver one but they were all out of stock T.T

  15. they mad this with chuck Norris hair

  16. 1080p video recording unlike the 4th gen what was 720p

  17. Then sell some of that shit and get this dafuq bro?

  18. i wouldnt get a color im gonna get a silver one

  19. Im gonna get it havent had a new ipod touch since the second gen

  20. did he say no optical zoom? is that for video or taking a picture or both?

  21. It's an iphone without the phone function.

  22. Great news, iBelieve it's comin in on Oct. 24th-26th ish. Happy Holidays!

  23. That isn't green, is yellow, it looks yellow to me…

  24. @22laith22 it's out as you typed that comment. It came out on the 11th


  26. green? There is no green…

  27. For what? 8 GB is just for music and if you will use it just for music… It's better buy another iPod…

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