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7 Futuristic Methods of Transport

7 Futuristic Methods of Transport

These new and cool tech gadgets and futuristic methods of transport are totally amazing and crazy! Get a glimpse of how innovation, science, and technology will shape our future.

Inventions list:
Walkcar http://www.cocoamotors.com/
Mercedes Future Bus https://www.daimler.com/innovation/autonomous-driving/future-bus.html
Movpak http://www.movpak.com/
Orbitwheel https://www.orbit-wheel.com/
Hoverboard http://hoverboard.com/
CITYGO http://www.citygo.us/
Bolt http://www.boltmotion.com/

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  1. Its efficiency is low to be ok.

  2. The Walk Car is fantastic, but it's very expensive … but also the HoverBoard, CITYGO and Bolt are very interesting future vehicles

  3. I wonder…..
    what do you do in the rain, on ice, hills or wind?

  4. No thanks I prefer walking .. more healthier

  5. i want to buy Walkcar (1) is it available on any online store

  6. A collection of ads interrupted by a collection of more ads – THUMBS DOWN

  7. Lastima, nunca llegaran a la Argentina 🙁

  8. Please e-mail me the store to order online.

  9. I loved bolt and walk car the best.

  10. Maybe im gonna call the FIRST one there thel LAZY WALKER

  11. Forget about the damm bus the people be nice as hell. When im in the bus from school to home. I forget my phone on the seat, students be asswholes and not tell you. They gon take yo shet and fuck up yo shet🤬.Therefore {{handle yo shet}}

  12. Sajnos ezek a csodák csak migránsok nélküli országban működnének mert ezek a betolakodók (akkor is ha hívták őket) azok,, megakadályoznák ha kell brutális módon azt az életvitelt itt Európában amiért az itt élők megdolgoztak hosszú idők óta.

  13. Future bus would be cooler without the "driver" … he's just sitting there.

  14. citygo costs to much!!!!!!!! >:(

  15. $800 USD for the walkcar,what a rip off!!! break it down in cost per parts,i bet it only costs a fraction of that to make.

  16. LMBO 😂😂 I thought I invented that board

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