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7 Things You Thought Were Illegal, But Aren’t

The law is a very complex and confusing system of rules and regulations. You may not know as much about them, as you’d think. The following 7 things are widely thought to be completely illegal, but are in fact, actually legal.

The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Criminals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd-QDqQq0wI
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9OhBLe62M4
8 Things The US Government Doesn’t Want You To Know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roYZm0uxeHo

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7 Things You Thought Were Illegal, But Aren’t

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  1. Well fuck I live in one of the corporal punishment states.😑

  2. I only watched one vid and subed I barely sub to any one

  3. thats why we have the 5th amendment

  4. That's a scary thought

    It's Legal to beat children

  5. Defacing property while high 😂😂😂I can just about get to the fridge.

  6. and about the weed it makes u consertrate on something ur doing.

  7. You guys love to copy titles dont you?

  8. So it's ok for a teacher (stranger) to whip a child but somehow if a mum so much as touches their child it's child abuse

  9. Can you not spell? Canniblism, corpral punishment.

  10. Can i post my youtube on money ?

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  12. beating your children is old fashion? that's why millions of them are fucking spoiled, cuz their damn parents don't do anything to punish them except groundings.

  13. Sorry, totally wrong, I only listened to the first two. They are both illegal. Cannibalism, by definition is the nonconsensual consumption of human. The second you can see for yourself by typing us code 333, punishable by up to 6 months in jail… Not even bothering worth the rest. My son tried using this video to prove it wasn't illegal. That's horrible to teach people things that are illegal aren't.

  14. Here in Texas it is a paddle with holes as punishment for students in school.

  15. What the fuck was that corpral punishment. You mean corporal punishment. 1:55

  16. ahh i just watching this cozz i saw weed at the video pic

  17. first off you are wrong on a lot of things but 1 thing I just want to state is yes its legal to spank a child but if you do they can charge you with neglect of a child inaporpet touching of a child and assaulting a child and so on I know a person what lost her kid and hade to fight to get the kids back after a naber called cps after she spanked her child and the naber seen it looking in the windows as she passed buy. she asked the police sever times how to legily disaplin her children and was told she can spank them as long as it leaves no marks other then redness. finley after getting all the cops together to show up for a cort date that took 6 monthes of fighting to get she was given her kids back do to the cops saying its legal tho the judge still told her do not do it again well for a year after she kept having cps check on the kids and some time after getting her kids back she found out her then 9 year old doughter was molested in the home they placed her in for the 6 months she fought to get them back and when she went and sued cps over it you no what happened she is told the child made it up even tho her family dr sed she hade sighns of it.

  18. My school doesn't do corporal punishment and I live in NC

  19. 0:52 Gordon Washington with his crowbar

  20. In regards to the first topic of cannibalism, the narrator calls it, "not inherently illegal," which is a bit of an oxymoron, no? Things that are illegal must be deemed as much through process and procedure, and things that are inherent are natural and essentially out of one's control.

  21. lol… notice how the corporal punishment one was mostly southern states…… I mean it is not a stereotype if it is true.

  22. 1 like+free money for homeless

  23. i read un facing monkeys wtf?

  24. I never knew canniblism even existed.
    Cannibalism, however…

  25. Defacing or damaging U.S. currency should be considered a blasphemous crime and should be punishable by death by guillotine of the offender(s).

  26. They should be caned for misspelling "corporal."

  27. i am glad some schools still spank

  28. no one else noticed the typo?

  29. I've never understood how casinos can be against card counting. Isn't that all Blackjack is? How do you play it without 'counting cards'?

  30. Fuck! I got excited when I saw the thumbnail.

  31. i love smoking weed im allowed to do it at school everone does its is good

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    You have been teleported to hell Give
    Like or you will die In 30 Seconds
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  33. You have 3 119 721 subs now 😀

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