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8-year-old Ocasio-Cortez impersonator makes a splash online

Eight-year-old Ava Martinez on the success of her videos online in which she impersonates Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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  1. She really does look like AOC……..So cute!

  2. She's hilarious. She toyed with that interviewer perfectly.

  3. Great girl she’s awesome

  4. I disagree with her looking like aoc she is way too cute to say she looks like that crazy looking aoc. But I think she is so funny does the best inpersination of any of the people making fun of the crazy left wing liberal democrats. Even better than mini ilhan Omaha which is also pretty funny. Please keep putting out these videos

  5. So good to know that since this broadcast mini aoc is back on the air.
    Attain power and get mocked. That's always been the golden rule.
    So, ya know, deal

  6. At eight years old this little girl is WAY SMARTER than AOC, but i am not telling anybody anything they dont know.

  7. 😂😂😂 an eight year old is smarter than aoc and her supporters combines

  8. There is a mountain of stupid replies here!… 2020 will be a world of hurt for MAGA minions!

  9. Oh God!! Your kidding this kid is being exploited by her looser father and her uncle this kid does not act like that air head bar tender, she’s just a kid let her be a child people are so stupid thinking they’re going to make money with this kid shame on you

  10. The ice age 2 was genius lol

  11. Such a shame that she’s being put up to this. Hopefully when she gets older and starts forming her own opinions she can decide for herself whether or not AOC is such a horrible person.

  12. Ava is adorable as herself and has given me many laughs as mini AOC

  13. She is really smarter than AOC

  14. This is harassment t
    Her dad and uncle are harrasing her

  15. Hey young girl, don't Impersonate AOC because she tells  big whopping fibs  & your nose will not stop growing like what happened to Pinocchio  when he told big lies like AOC.  😉

  16. I like the UK's Trump Baby.

  17. 1:41 "can you do an impersonation of AOC….ok a bit more". Meanwhile she's impersonating her and he's confused wondering if she will do it…. lol she's already doing it

  18. That impersonation is cute. But fox is obsessed.

  19. Best interview I've ever seen. Adorable….

  20. You can tell her parents feed her the lines.

  21. Completley KICK A*S… 👍👍👍

  22. Ava you are so cute and smart. GoD Bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.

  23. Mini AOC can drop out of school this year and still be wiser than the real AOC and have a much higher I.Q.!!!

  24. we all know what the real AOC stands for ….Agent Of Corruption

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