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8K Explained at IFA 2018

8K Explained at IFA 2018

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  1. Why is this video only in 1080P? Most YouTube video channels are now in 4K

  2. I just got on the 4k wagon. Had no idea how affordable 4k has been for the last year or 2. 8k is gonna take a while to adapt to. Mostly because of the processing and storage power needed. I can easily produce 8k, I just won't be able to see it in that quality (since the money for it could be used to build a super computer instead), and rendering will take ages.

  3. Finally, some decent reporting from Engadget. I hope this reporter starts covering other segments like drones and mirror less cameras.

  4. They'll say exactly the same about 16k TV's.

  5. 8BIT to 8K in 2 decades. When I'm still getting nostalgia about 8BIT gaming. Future is not pixelated but life is.

  6. I have a 4K TV and only watch 1080p content on it. And I'm a hardcore tech buyer. I've tried 4K on it but there's just barely any difference at normal viewing distances.

  7. Jeeze TVs are gonna get to 16k before anything has even caught up to 4k.

  8. True story, the only 8k content producer is from MKBHD

  9. Oled is just a Big Big Big Scam for As…le. QLED IS BETTER

  10. Every time a new technology pops up, people complain about it. Move on guys… 8K UHD is the future, like it or not.

  11. Nothing better than 2K content on 8K panels, makes total sense. Let's get Movies up to 4K without the 2K Master upscaling and then consider maybe going beyond 4K. Not to mention any 8K less than 150" (probably 200") makes zero sense.

  12. You know why arent people talking about pixel density and whether or not you can even see 4k with a screen size less than 60 inches? Nope i got a better idea lets keep promoting tech that is a real waste of money as the eye wont see it. 8k screens will have to be wall sized for that to definition to be apparent.

  13. 8k has been here for years

  14. Oh my eyes… I'm 8k blind Dr!

  15. Why do people keep saying that there is no noticeable difference between 4 and 8 K when they're definitely is? Just look up a 8K HDR video on YouTube and you'll be able to clearly see a difference.

  16. Does this do the glasses less 3d?

  17. i expext this tv out at 2025!

  18. 8k is the future resolution

  19. The reason people are talking about 8K is because of the amazing technological advances coming out next year in 2019 that will be pushing everyone to make 4K content like ATSC 3.0 tuners, 5G networking & HDMI 2.1.

  20. Theirs not even 4k full cable yet. Gtfoh

  21. I'm fine with my 2 year old sammy 4k set.

  22. "Throw out my 4k" I've never actually looked at a 4k screen yet lol let alone attempted to buy. 2k and 2.5k is what I use and have no complaints so no way am I getting 8k

  23. Props to the guy wearing the finding nemo shirt at 4:32

  24. I’ll stick to my 65” 4K Sony A1E until the A9F comes out …. y’all weren’t expecting that where you

  25. Alright..Dead pixels will be less noticable!

  26. I still don’t have anything 4K. Can we please slow down till everyone has 4K.

  27. This is stupid if the TV doesn't have HDR it is not important if is 4K or 8K. 1080p with HDR is gorgeous and just like 4K and 8K to fully appreciate it you have to stand right in front of it. So to only watch it on the couch you are fool to purchase a 4K or 8K TV unless is a desktop monitor.

  28. who watch this in 360p?

  29. theres barely anything even available to watch in 8k

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