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9 Killed In Germany Mass Shooting, Far-Right Motive Suspected | NBC Nightly News

A gunman killed nine people — mostly Muslim immigrants — in a suburb of Frankfurt, then killed his mother and himself, police say. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said evidence indicates the suspect acted out of far-right, racist motives.
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9 Killed In Germany Mass Shooting, Far-Right Motive Suspected | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Most people in Europe dont want the organized invasion of cultures that collide with the existing ones to continue. But the dictatorship of the EU does not care what the people want. They are creating stress and frustration and a few people who are mentally instable will go crazy like this guy did. They want to create chaos because a society in fear is easy to manipulate. “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell

  2. This is the result of the left taking things too far.

  3. I grew up black and low income…. B4 our neighborhoods were renamed hoods. Never heard so much msyhem. Any really. Miss those days.

  4. Islam is an ideology. It is impossible to be racist against it.

  5. Trump sure did a good job riling up all the white supremacists around the world! Now it's our job to make sure the MANIAC IS VOTED OUT OF OFFICE !! #VOTEBLUE

  6. Talk to the USA & Israel for all the refugees

  7. I love guns , but I dont see a whole lot of good done by them across the world . civilization would be better if we did not empower the psychos with the power to take away many lives

  8. Merkel are very happy about it

  9. Coronavirus Cases:
    view by country

  10. These TV channels are just preoccupied with racism and terrorism and spreading hatred. The shooter must have been suffering from some dreadful mental illness. If he killed because he was a racist and extremist he should have been celebrating, not killing his own mother and himself in the end. Get a grip. Why don't these TV peopke use some common sense ?

  11. Far right??? I Bet tomorrow the truth will come out and it will be like every other case. Far LEFT!!! NBC opinion station!!

  12. https://youtu.be/q_76UrIwKro a boy killed by an immigrant

    https://youtu.be/K6dcVDAAx-Y knife attacker had prayed at mosque before.

  13. He was obviously influenced by mind control technology – like most rampages that are happening around the world.

  14. If a white native German goes to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc etc, and tries to live as he lived in Germany, he will not live a week. Is that racist too? Where ever islam spreads, this will become the norm, until only muslims live there. Just the facts here. When a country puts migrants first, before its own citizens, dont be surprised when this stuff happens.

  15. he did it in the name of dirty jesus

  16. The Revolution has Begun!
    The Fourth Reìch is comming to destroy Globalism and Immigration!
    Europe is for Europeans!

  17. Probably another false flag carried out by German government, key word Manifesto….

  18. Oh! A Shooting happens in Germany and We start asking real Questions. No one brings up Gun Control. A Country With Gun Control its Terrorism, but in America it a Gun problem. Correction at it best.

  19. Merkele " my work is done, now sit back and watch europe explode<

  20. Diversity has failed. Lets stop this madness people like to be around their own kind they feel safer.

  21. Impossible. All of Europe has strict gun control laws and gun free zones. They don't have mass shootings since taking away law abiding citizens guns. 🤔

  22. You mean to say that there are Mass Shootings that occur outside of the USA ?

  23. Sharia law and militant Muslim extremism doesn't mix in Western civilized culture! Islam has to be banned in all Western European and American countries!!!

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