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A Bust with a Bang | National Geographic

A Bust with a Bang | National Geographic

Border Wars: River Under Siege : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/border-wars/
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What should have been a routine drug bust instead ends with a bang — and not the kind you would expect!

A Bust with a Bang | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. They should invest in run flats tires. They don’t know how to used there money right.

  2. Why did police stop him in the empty part of the road , if he had AR so many people would been hurt ?

  3. Who else notice the Good Samaritan at the end with his gun and u turn

  4. idiots and stupid working for illegal drugs on US soil…. better get a nice job and enjoy life….

  5. Idk why but I like watching this ;-; and I’m only nine.

  6. but hes just a poor mistreated abused immigrant

  7. Its looks like scripted episode, because red truck have police sign on the front windshield


  9. All that running from the cops for some stress weed hes carrying.

  10. This is why the wall will be built. Not because Trump's racist because of drugs.

  11. "I'll stand in front of a train!"

    "THAT TRAIN HIT ME!!!!!"

  12. "me immigrant democrat voter for life-you racist senior!"

  13. This is from 2011 . Good luck selling those three bundles in 2018 ! You might be able to trade em for some old shoes or something . America has more weed now than it knows what to do with !

  14. Aliens? How tf are u gonna call another human a alien

  15. Why would these kids worry about weed, worry about other harder drugs

  16. I think I watched this episode

  17. Why do they call them aliens like we are bleed the same color there no point of that

  18. Why aliens that is so messed up

  19. Dear god that’s so much drugs

  20. 3 bells? i seen 4 maybe even 5

  21. Cuff him then shoot him dead.

  22. ida throttled that border rat for clipping my rig

  23. His name is "Mybong?" Is this real life?

  24. anyone else notice a possible tumbleweed in the car with that officer?

  25. You gotta be wilding if you're willing to risk your freedom to smuggle in some Mexican brick weed

  26. Im hispanic and these thugs put my race in the view of hatred. Not all hispanics or as they call us "mexicans" are not all bad . people make their own choices . #smilemore

  27. Where are the drugs ? ..wait a minute ! Don't tell me ..Hey here somebody please tell me this officers ain't calling weed drug

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