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A Child Prodigy, a Painful Disease, and a Life-Changing Treatment | National Geographic

A Child Prodigy, a Painful Disease, and a Life-Changing Treatment | National Geographic

Caesar Sant of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, began playing the violin at age two and as a toddler amazed his music teachers with his advanced abilities. But by the age of five, he had suffered three debilitating strokes due to sickle-cell anemia. His third stroke left him unable to walk or play the violin. Now, as he tries to regain his musical abilities, he has a newborn sister who can provide a bone marrow transplant that could be lifesaving and could ensure he’ll always be able to play the violin.
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Visit Caesar’s Bone Marrow Foundation page and his GoFundMe page for more information:
Bone Marrow Foundation – http://goo.gl/MhMqFk
GoFundMe – http://goo.gl/YCaFNB


A Child Prodigy, a Painful Disease, and a Life-Changing Treatment | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Caesar can take better care of a baby better than me.

  2. Guys – There is a link to the go fund me page for caesar! Only  914 people donated in 64 months. They have "only" 55'000 but they need 500000! Pls Donate! This Video has 900000 views. If every person would donate 1$ they would already have the money!

  3. When I heard him scream I through my head phone across the floor but it also hurt my heart because my auntie has sickle cell so I can kind of relate

  4. I just realise how blessed I am right now. 😢😢😢😢

  5. Even i got sickle cell anemia and i am child prodigy and i am researching on the same disease i am 17yrs old

  6. Seeing his father cry made my heart broke into pieces :'((

  7. i'm 14 and can't play what he's played yet.

  8. " ok is not good " y-y

  9. I’m traumatized by the umbilical cord

  10. In Psychology lessons, you might have heard of this disease. Common among blacks .

  11. When he said okay is bad I almost cried awe

  12. One of my friends has sickle cell, and she sometimes has days where she's in so much pain you can see it in her expression. She's one of the strongest people I know

  13. Does this remind anyone of “Your Lie in April?”

  14. It’s been three minutes and I’m already crying

  15. Am I the only one annoyed by his pinky on the bow?
    Edit: however, I’m amazed by his story.

  16. can someone stop cutting onions??

  17. god will bless your family my prayers with you <3

  18. I will pray for your little Caesar!  Your painful screams are breaking my heart!

  19. Such kind and caring parents, you can really feel the love they give their kids so selflessly.

  20. I really want him to be fully treated!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  21. wow may the good god keep on blessing him

  22. 🙁 stay strong dear ❤️

  23. Poor baby, too be born like that! Did the parents not go through genetic testing? Hope he survives!

  24. What a little sweetheart ! , Bless him !

  25. This video was amazing and very powerful. I dont understand how 187 people disliked it I truly don't.

  26. Ok but I need an update

  27. he's so sweet and smart❤💕

  28. 3.23 I'M BALLING, Please God protect this families hearts….

  29. I love his drive he is such a great kid! He is remarkable!

  30. I'm chopping onions the whole time. 😪😪😪😪
    This little boy is a gem. And through him, God will be glorified.
    I so love him already and I wish him good health and all the happiness there is.
    Blessings to the whole family



  33. She's a beautiful big baby

  34. Einstein liked to play the violin 🎻

  35. he's such a strong and amazing kid

  36. That is the Sarabande in G minor. It sounds impressive, but it isn’t too hard. I have played it many times.

  37. Eles são brasileiros!! They're Brazilian!!

  38. It breaks my heart seeing children and people with big dreams and wonderful potential have to go through diseases like he did. Thank the lord there was a cure

  39. Does someone know the name of the song at the beginning??

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